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22 Water Activities for Kids to Play and Learn in the Summer

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Kids are naturally drawn to water. It’s the perfect summer activity for kids because it is both fun and educational. Whether you want to teach your child about water safety, or just have some fun splashing around in the pool, there are many activities that will keep them busy this summer!

The summer is a time to have fun and play around. If you’re looking for ways to keep your kids entertained, we’ve compiled some of the best ideas for water activities that will teach them and help them build their skills in the process. Check out these awesome water activities that are also educational!

Summer is a time for kids to enjoy outside and have fun. Here are some water activities for kids that will keep them cool, teach them how to swim, and provide hours of entertainment.

post-intro paragraph: Summer is a time when we can all get out of the house and enjoy the world around us. Kids may not always want to play in the water though – even if they love playing with bubbles or making their own ice cream! This post has some great ideas on things you can do with your little one this summer so they don’t have an excuse not to go near it!

Do they know how to swim? If not, start with a lesson at their local YMCA or other community facilities. -If they can already swim but need help improving technique, offer up some one-on-one time by signing up for lessons at their nearest swimming school.-Find an outdoor pool near you, and set up a day trip with friends and family! There is nothing more refreshing than sunbathing next to a pool while enjoying some

Water activities for kids of all ages are sure to enjoy the beat summer heat with these 22 outdoor water games! From sprinklers and splash pads to balls galore (water balloons), here is your chance at entertainment-filled days. But if they’re like us waiting on that snowmelt—you’ll need some indoor fun too so make plans now because when August rolls around we don’t want them looking forward anymore but dreading being outside in direct sunlight

What better way to cool off from an overheated day than playing one or two rounds outside? Here’s how:

22 Refreshing Summer Water Activities for Kids

1. Making a Piñata. Balloon

Nothing says summer like blowing up the perfect-sized hot air balloon filled with water! This game is great for cooling off on those scorching days and can be played by kids or adults of all ages, alike (it’s not just an activity intended solely for little ones).

Nothing says summer like blowing up the perfect way to cool off on hot, sweaty days! This fun game of hot air balloons requires filling up an empty water-filled balloon and then tie it off. Once inflated with just enough helium (or other gas), grab some hits from favorite fruit soda before getting started so that by the time it’s over there won’t be any juice left in their bottle all too quickly. From here players can throw sticks at ‘shots’ which act as targets for each other’s attacks while they’re trying desperately not to get hit themselves —

Making a piñata. What could be more fun for the whole family than blowing up some balloons and then getting to chase them around? This summer game is great exercise, makes you feel like an expert juggler (you never know how many will stay airborne), AND it’s a good cool-down after playing outside in hot weather!

water activities for kids

2. There is a water gun battle

Do you know what kids love to do in the summer? Shoot each other with water guns. And you can even set up your own cup race! The water gun battle is a classic for good reason—what kid doesn’t love running around outside sprinkling everything in the summer heat? You can even use them to set up your own cup race if you’re looking for some extra challenge!

3. There’s an aerosol war

There’s a war going on and the only way to win is by refreshing self with this mist. Grab some spray bottles from your arsenal, give it all you’ve got – victory will be!

In the heat of summer, might find yourself without a water gun to cool off with. Luckily there’s an easy fix! Just grab some spray bottles and start spraying away- it feels so refreshing on hot days!

are going to want a couple of spray bottles for this battle. Grab one full of water, and then another with some hairspray or air freshener if you’re feeling rough around the edges!

Aerosol war silhouettes Like any good fight it helps when there’s background music too so I’m just gonna play my favorite song by The Script: “Un Fortunately”.

4. Play some Sprinkler Water games

Play some Sprinkler Water games with your kids! The fountains are fun enough, but you can also use them to play drenchingly delightful water-related games.

You can really have some fun with Sprinkler Water games! The fountains are great on their own, but also get to use them for this. Your kids will love playing in the water and listening as it makes that noise when they spray each other or themselves silly–it’s even got a little surprise at the end so there is never any chance of getting bored while waiting around pondering what might happen next (and how much longer do we need wait).

Why not add some Sprinkler Water games to the mix?!

Need to water the lawn? can do it in style with these simple but fun fountains. As if they weren’t enough, get even more prizes by adding sprinklers!

5. Set up a dump station

We’ve been having a lot of fun with liquid pouring lately. It’s such an easy way to keep the kids entertained and can be great on those hot summer days when you don’t know what they want! All it takes is some materials that are around your house, like water bowls or containers from home decor projects-it’ll even work if there aren’t any ideas at all!

Having a dump station saves time and energy, which is perfect for these warm summer days. You just need some dollar-worth of supplies to set up your own!

6. Break Out the Splash Pad

You don’t need a pool in your backyard to be able to enjoy the experience of splashing around! A waterproof pad is an affordable and fun alternative. Connect it up with water, turn on some tunes or do whatever you want for hours on end — kids love them so much they’ll never let go… even when mom or dad tries!

One of the best things about summer is that kids can finally splash around in their backyards without worry. Let them enjoy this safety from rain or snow with a waterproof, inflatable pad connected to your faucet for hours on end!

7. Do some poolside science

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Is it time for summer camp and outdoor activities to be just not happening fast enough? Make the best out of this hot weather by taking advantage of an opportunity with STEM! Bring along some science project ideas, or try something new like water balloon cannons that will keep everyone entertained for hours on end

Do some poolside research into what other people have done before when they wanted to do fun things near water – chances are someone has already thought about all these needs so we don’t need to find any solutions alone…

Science is a blast even when you’re poolside! Whether your family has one or multiple pools, take the opportunity to explore science with kids of all ages. You’ll be glad that they love learning so much from their summer vacay

8. Make a xylophone out of glass

It’s summer! The time to experiment with glass making and music.

This xylophone is a beautiful way to incorporate some creativity into your soundtrack this season, while also getting in touch with nature through its patterns that are only visible under water-filled lights or rainbows at night (and during the day).

It’s the perfect instrument for summer. Fill up some jars with water and colorful rocks, then sit back as your glass xylophone gives off a sweet sound that will make any day feel like it has been blessed by heaven!

Create your very own xylophone out of glass this summer! While you can’t wait until the warm weather, experimenting with music is perfect now. The colors and sounds seem to be more fitting for warmer temperatures than cooler ones so use them when circumstances call for it most – like during rainstorms or in front lawns beside pools where heavy rainfall may make playing outdoors difficult anyway

9. Drawing with wet chalk

Draw your pictures with wet chalk and then see how it changes when you dip the paper in water before use. Your children will love this activity because they can create a variety of drawings, from simple to complex scenes that would otherwise be too difficult for them!

Drawing with wet chalk is so much fun and can be a great way to get creative. If you happen to have an artist at home, they’ll love seeing what happens when sidewalk chalk gets dipped in water before use!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids, try drawing on a sidewalk. You can even make it more interesting by dipping the chalk in water before using it!

10. Freeze some wet sand

My kids love playing in the sandbox, but it can get hot and sweaty. This frozen sand bin is perfect for cooling off on a hot day!

Have you been feeling like your sandbox is just too big? You can use this frozen sand induction bin to help cool off on a hot day without running out of room in the shed or having wet sand everywhere.

Too much sand can make a sandbox too hot to play in. Luckily, this frozen sand bin is easy to install and it’s perfect for cooling off on those scorching summer days!

11. Play with Water Balloons

Play with water balloons! Unlike regular balls, you can make all sorts of different poses and plays when playing on land or in the ocean. You will find that this is a very fun way to keep cool during those hot summer days by using something we often take for granted: wetness

  • 1) Water polo games are an excellent option if your child loves sports because not only does it involve physical strength but also strategy
  • 2 ) Children love seeing their skills improve through trial-and-play as well as competition against other children (especially ones from similar backgrounds!) 3&4).

Water balloon dodging usually requires good eyesight since players must look out for incoming objects while simultaneously trying to catch them

People have been playing with water balloons for ages now, but did you know that there are other ways to play? We found some of our favorite games- like Water Polo

Balloons and Dribbling! Just fill an empty balloon up (or not) put on more hot Wikileaks sauce if yer feeling adventurous. It doesn’t really matter where or how long they’ve been sitting either; as longs as it is filled with w/water then get ready because these activities will be sure to make the day brighter

12. Fizz block ice making

Fizz block ice-making is always a hit with kids. This experiment takes some work, but your child will love seeing the reaction between baking soda and vinegar fizzle into pepper-sized bubbles!

Fizz block ice making is a great way to get little hands involved in the process. It’s easy, fun, and perfect for any kid who loves science!

Scientists and budding scientists will love this bubble ice cube experiment. Gather up the baking soda, vinegar (or lemon juice if you want a tangy flavor), water in an

Appropriate sized container for your little one to work with easily accessible bowl(s). Add 3-4 drops of food coloring if desired. Now give it all a good stir together until everything is fully combined! As soon as they are mixed well enough that no clumps remain on top pour them into silicone molds or metal trays lined with plastic wrap; let sit overnight before removing from mold/tray carefully – It may take some time but don’t worry these things stick pretty tightly once frozen so

13. Making art with water guns

Fizz block ice making is a great way to get little hands involved in the process. It’s easy, fun, and perfect for any kid who loves science!

Bubble ice cubes are a great way to explore the world around them. You can make them with just baking soda and vinegar! The reaction between these two items creates an amazing fizzing effect, which kids will love watching happen in their drink or on top of their food as they eat it. They also taste really refreshing once mixed together – perfect for those hot summer days when everything tastes better cold (ice cream excluded).

14. Fill up your water table

Water tables are a great way to keep your kids entertained and active. They can create endless amounts of fun! The best part about them? You don’t have to worry if their drinks get spilled on you because it wipes right off with soap or water!

Pouring liquids into the table will give children many options: pouring from one cup at a time, scooping up an entire pitcher in one go, making waves by filing individual bottles/cups then shaking them onto the top; being strategic like Robert (or maybe even drips) mimicking mommy when sheeshins over dinner–it’s all possible

Bubble ice cubes are a great way to explore the world around them. can make them with just baking soda and vinegar! The reaction between these two items creates an amazing fizzing effect, which kids will love watching happen in their drink or on top of their food as they eat it. They also taste really refreshing once mixed together – perfect for those hot summer days when everything tastes better cold (ice cream excluded).

15. Build your own sprinkler system

Engineers can build their own sprinkler systems with this fun and technical STEM activity.

This is a great opportunity for parents who want to give children some hands-on engineering experience, as well as an idea of what it’s like being an engineer!

Did you know that parents can build their own sprinkler system? We recommend building one for the back patio and inviting your kid to help design it! They will have so much fun with all of these cool tools.

16. Play with recyclables

Recycled Materials Water Play: Play with recyclables to make the most of old items! Recycled Materials Water Play: Why not recycle your old toy and use it for this simple watering activity? When you send in the recyclables, they can be reused to give life back!

Why not use your recyclables for an interesting water play? It’s easy, just tie them together in long strings and stand back! The more string that gets pulled out of its container before it touches the bottom will create a faucet-like action. There are also other ways you can recycle these natural materials like making shields or bird feeders; there really isn’t anything wrong with giving stuff another chance at life when we give our old items a new purpose instead of throwing away trashy garbage without any thought put into what happens after disposal.

17. Move some ice blocks

Smooth Ice Motion: A fun way to use your recyclables is by playing with water. Why not try this simple activity and see what happens?

If you’re looking for a creative way to get your child involved in recycling, this simple water play might be just what they need. All that’s required from them is some recyclables and water!

Here are 3 different ways on how one could go about it: firstly send the material somewhere where it can properly dry before reuse (like a shed), secondly fill up an empty container with dirty rinse-water/soap suds mixture then place it over the top so all sides come into contact; finally add 2 cups less when doing laundry because sometimes things find their way back onto clothes again

The benefits of playing with recyclables are numerous! Not only can you have fun, but it’s good for the environment too. Why not give your old papers and plastics new life by using them in this simple water game?

18. Play with Ice & Lemon senses

Play Ice & Lemon Sensory: Cool down your little ones with this refreshing bucket of ice and lemon slices! And it’s safe for toddlers who love to put things in their mouths.
Cool off your kids this summer by making a refreshing bucket filled iced lemonade! Young children will love the cool drink and it’s safe for toddlers as well.

Ice and lemon slices are delicious! They’re a fun way to cool down young children, but they also don’t contain any harmful chemicals that could hurt your little one. I recommend playing with their senses by placing some in an icy bucket filled up with fresh water for toddlers who love putting things into their mouth…

19. Paint with water

Painting with Water: The best way to show off creativity is with a paintbrush! Painting in water can be just as beautiful, and it only takes moments for kids of all ages. Instead of filling up cabinets or getting messy on the floor, go outside and get painting–you’ll have more space for doing what really matters: being creative.

Water and paint are more accessible than traditional artistic mediums. For kids who want to explore a different kind of creativity, this is an excellent option! The best part about water-based acrylic colors? can spray them onto your canvas without worrying whether or not there will be enough left in the bottle when it’s finished – because by time you’re done painting everything else has dried out anyways

Why use paint when you can simply take your easel outdoors and create cool designs using water? This clutter-free activity is perfect for kids who want to explore a new art medium, as well as people of all ages. Bonus: no need find storage space once they’re done!

20. Make a LEGO Sensory crate

LEGO Sensory Bin: Our favorite thing to do with the kids is make a Lego Sensory crate. take spare LEGO bricks from around your house and put them in an empty bin along water, kitchen utensils for hours of fun!

Making a LEGO Sensory bin is fun and easy! It will keep your littles busy for hours with all of the spare pieces you have in your home. Simply throw some water, kitchen utensils (spoons work best), AND LEGOs into one container to make this sensory experience come alive — it can’t get any more interesting than that!!

Imagine the hours of fun your little one could have with this DIY LEGO Sensory Bin. All you’ll need are some spare bricks from around the house and an receptacle for them, water to fill it up (of course!), kitchen utensils if desired—and then just throw those pieces in together! The possibilities are endless as they explore what’s possible while developing fine motor skills by sorting through all these new objects.

21. Drawing with ice blocks

Painting with Ice Blocks: With these colorful stones, you can turn any painting into a masterpiece. They only take minutes to prepare and are great for taking the kids’ artwork outside!

Ice blocks are the perfect way to get your child outside and painting. They only take a few minutes of prep time, so it’s an easy excuse for family fun!

Painting with ice blocks is a wonderful way to take your kid’s art outdoors. It only takes about 10 minutes of preparation, and they’re colorful stones that will look great in any outdoor space!

22. a water cup race

a water cup race: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to race water cups? Now’s your chance with this fun game that will help improve balance and speed. This is a great activity for kids celebrating birthdays in the summer!

What’s the point of having a pool if you can’t have some fun in it? Well, now there are water cup races where children and their friends will be racing to see who has the fastest reaction time! The first person beats all others with this amazing skill. This game is perfect for making your child feel like they are on top when celebrating birthdays during summertime

A great way to beat heat waves or just stay cool at home through long afternoons playing outside  Games tend not only make people happy but healthier too.


The summer heat is here and it’s time to get out of the house. What better way than with sprinklers, splash pads, and water balloons? Beat the summer heat with 22 outdoor water activities that kids of all ages are sure to enjoy! But if you’re like us at Crazed Cow Water Toys & Gifts, your children most look forward to playing games involving their favorite toys–namely those we have hidden in our warehouse waiting for winter. So whether or not you’ve already started planning some fun activities for this summer break, take a peek at these ideas below so your family can start having tons of outside-the-house fun right away!. Tips and how-to guides on choosing best water toy for each. Lastly- load up their favorite toys and join them in.

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