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17 Best Trampoline Parks In The World

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Trampoline parks are excellent, fun areas to visit, whether you’re a kid or a grown-up! The sensation of flexibility is often the element that individuals find most enticing.

Besides, is there anywhere else where you can oppose the regulations of gravity as a household while remaining completely risk-free? Trampolines as well as theme parks are enhancing in prominence as well as popping up throughout the globe!

Discovering the right park for you might feel like daunting work; however, do not worry… If you are seeking the best trampoline parks in the entire globe, then you have come to the ideal location!

Whether you are planning a road trip, or want to remain closer to your residence, this considerable listing will certainly help you prepare for your following trampoline park experience.

Top 17 Best Trampoline Parks

The world’s best trampoline parks may be nearby, but you may not know it! Trampoline parks take trampolines to new heights. The walls and floors are covered with trampolines that are more fun than your yard’s old ones.

The Leading 12 Trampoline Parks—The Very Best Trampoline Park

  • All of the complying trampoline parks are ranked in no specific order, as all are equally as incredible as the following: Ideally, you should locate one near your house so you can visit with your loved ones!

1. Sky Area Trampoline Park

  • Sky Area is among the initial trampoline parks. They have locations throughout North America, in both Canada and the US, that make them an excellent selection for any type of trampoline occasion.
  • They have a ton of various event plans and amazing occasions that any individual can make the most of. They’re excellent for birthday celebration parties, bachelor parties, Wonderful 16’s, and any kind of event you can consider. They likewise support fundraising and charitable initiatives!
  • Sky Area uses complete facility rentals that offer you the entire park to yourself, should you ever want to do so as well.
  • Not only that, but they additionally provide a variety of attractions and programs as well. These consist of Freestyle Jump, Skyslam, Ultimate Dodgeball, Foam Area, Skyhoops, Skyjoust, Skyladder, Sky Line, Rate Zone, Blend Ultimate Dodgeball, as well as a lot more.

You will nonetheless be required to look at the details of the locations to see whether your preferred attraction and/or program is used there.

Sky Zone has places in the list below:

Best trampoline parks: Sky Zone Trampoline park

* Australia
* Canada
* Guam
* Guatemala
* India
* Kuwait
* Mexico
* Norway
* Saudi Arabia
* United Kingdom

Each specific country has its very own internet site, so depending on where you live, you will be required to check out the site and click on a certain nation.

Shortly, Skies Zone will additionally open parks in Bahrain, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, and the UAE.

best trampoline parks

2. Trip Trampoline Park

The best trampoline parks in the world

Flight Trampoline Park is just one of the most effective trampoline parks on the planet because it’s a terrific area to hold a birthday celebration, have an enjoyable social trip, exercise your extreme private exercise, and make some seriously trendy memories with your family and friends.

Trip Trampoline Park currently has locations in the following locations:

Hartford, CT
Pittsburgh, PA
Springfield, VA
Albany, NY

Although they just have a tiny handful of places, they intend on opening up locations in Loudon County, VA, Long Island, NY, Aberdeen, NJ, as well as Bethlehem, so stay tuned for an opening area near you!

3. Urban Air Trampoline Park

Likewise, Urban Air Theme Park recognizes how to give every person a good time. They are among the most effective trampoline parks to opt for the ultimate children’s birthday celebration, thanks to the handful of packages that are currently used.

You can choose from the Standard Party Package and also the Radiance Birthday Celebration Plan, which has specific packages that you can pick from for the very best birthday celebration your kid has ever had!

They also have a ton of occasions that you can select from, including group fees, VIP section events, team celebrations, college fundraisers, fraternity and sorority occasions, end-of-year events, lock-ins, and much more.

There are many different regions in the United States, and we’ve listed them for you below by state:

Urban air trampoline park – best trampoline parks.

* Alabama.
* Arkansas.
* Arizona.
* California.
* Colorado.
* Connecticut.
* Florida.
* Georgia.
* Iowa.
* Idaho.
* Illinois.
* Indiana.
* Kansas.
* Louisiana.
* Massachusetts.
* Maryland.
* Maine.
* Michigan.
* Minnesota.
* Missouri.
*North Carolina.
* Nebraska.
* New Jersey
* New Mexico
* Nevada.
* New York City
* Ohio.
* Oklahoma.
* Pennsylvania.
* Tennessee.
* Texas.

best trampoline parks

4. Big Air Trampoline Park.

The best trampoline park on the planet is Big Air Trampoline Park.

  • Big Air Trampoline Park has several areas across the USA. They provide birthday parties, household tasks, Planetary Nights, charity events, Toddler Time, and much more.
  • Each location has a specific website, so you’ll be required to click on those by yourself. Each location likewise provides a variety of things that will keep parents interested. As an example, at the Buena Park, CA, place, they provide camp air.
  • Camp Air is a day camp that supplies dodgeball, rock climbing, basketball, leaping, a foam pit, and much more. One thing is for certain: Big Air Trampoline Park knows what kids like.

Altogether, nevertheless, they have locations in the following areas:

Buena Park, CA
Laguna Hills, CA
Spartanburg, SC
Charlotte, NC

Aside from the places they already have open for organization, they are additionally opening 2 new locations in Greenville, SC as well as Corona, CA, so stay tuned for those openings!

5. Elevation Trampoline Park

  • With areas on three different continents, there’s bound to be an Altitude Trampoline Park somewhere you fancy visiting. Elevation is one of the biggest attractions in the Trampoline Park Sector presently.
  • The majority of the locations remain in the USA, but do not fret; the Elevation Trampoline Park brand name is increasing and also opening up even more parks in areas such as the UK, Norway, and Japan!
  • Most of the elevation’s places provide all of the amenities you might want. This will certainly consist of foam pits, trampoline basketball, and dodgeball courts, in addition to the wall-to-wall trampoline pits that are the staple of any trampoline park.

6. Skies Area Dive Park

  • Sky Area offers over 200 locations in the US, UK, Australia, and India! The nicest thing about the Skies Area is that the parks always offer new locations. Freestyle diving on a wall-to-wall trampoline that fills a space without hard surfaces is always included.
  • If you are searching for something a little bit added, after that, look no more, as Skies Area has an entire host of favorites for you to appreciate. Whether you like jousting, basketball, or jumping into foam pits from high heights, there will certainly be something for you.

7. FreeFall Trampoline Park

  • Best trampoline park: Freefall trampoline park
  • FreeFall Trampoline Park is the largest indoor entertainment center in all of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
  • With as much as 33,000 square feet of trampolines, FreeFall Trampoline Park Pennsylvania has 3 dunk hoops, a mechanical bull, battle light beams, disaster, and therefore much more.
  • They have a somewhat confusing timetable as well as a pricing table, which you can take a look at on your own by clicking here. They have a variety of enjoyable tasks and promotions that you can take part in, which include dodgeball, basketball, airbags, and more.
  • FreeFall Trampoline Park likewise supplies an intense birthday celebration bundle, as well as an add-on that you can select to include if you would certainly like, that will give your child and also their buddies something to expect this year.

8. Orono Trampoline Park

  • Trampoline Park Orono is the ideal trampoline park on the planet.
  • Orono Trampoline Park, located in Orono, Maine, has up to 40,000 square feet of space and has made our listing the best trampoline park for numerous reasons.
  • This trampoline park in Orono, Maine, has a lot of incredible tasks as well as destinations to take part in that both youngsters and adults can obtain an enjoyable mid-day out of. Several of these tasks include the Kid Court, Slackline, Battle Beam, Ninja Course, Radiance Night, and a lot more.
  • Orono Trampoline Park also has some celebration plans, weekday packages, and weekend break bundles to pick from, making certain that every person has something to choose from. They likewise provide a lot of occasions, consisting of health and fitness classes, teen/college nights, homeschool days, as well as extra

9. Release Trampoline Park.

  • Launch Trampoline Park has lots of locations throughout America, so if you’re American or you’re preparing a journey there, you’re in luck!
  • It has many alternative destinations that will permit individuals of all ages and rates of interest to enjoy them. Including laser tag, rock climbing, games, cost-free Wi-Fi, and, certainly, a range of different trampolining choices. What more might you ask for?

10. Urban Air Adventure Park.

  • Urban Air Theme Park is more than just a trampoline park, which is why it made its way onto our top 20 list. Along with good old normal trampolining pastimes, it additionally has a range of various quests.

  • These consist of go-karting, indoor coasters, climbing wall surfaces, laser tag, bowling, rope courses, warrior programs, playgrounds, efficiencies, and topple tracks. If you’re looking for trampoline fun, as well as a bit of fun on the side after that, look no further!

11. Get Air Trampoline Park.

Get Air Trampoline Parks serves America and Canada but has sites in Europe and Japan. This park features trampoline games and attractions, including Knockerball, where you dress up in a huge blow-up round and play with others and trampolines!

Go Air lets you go down to the fundamentals if you’re not interested in other trampoline park activities.

12. Helium Theme Park

  • The Helium Theme Park is more varied than any of the other parks formerly stated, in that there is just one of it! It is based in Wisconsin and supplies a huge series of family-friendly activities.
  • It has different bounce times for younger kids, too, to help keep them risk-free and happy. With great deals on destinations on board, you can easily invest a whole day at this adventure park.
  • If you like jousting or throwing on your own onto an airbag from a tower, after that, you’ll be more than impressed with this website.

13. Springs Trampoline Park

  • Springs Trampoline Park lies in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and has a great deal to provide.
  • Beginners have events virtually daily or weekly! Armed Forces Monday, Bogo Wednesday, Sign-In Thursday, Friday Cosmic Radiance, Saturday Teen Evening, and Sunday Funday! Spring Break events include Tuesday and Friday nights.
  • Springs Trampoline Park in Colorado Springs has birthday event plans that are absolutely out of this world.
  • Not only will your kid have accessibility to what the bundle entails, but they’ll also have the ability to make use of the Dunk Tank Feat Bag, which is a 20 × 16-foot inflatable bag that gets attached to a trampoline for the best landing of your life.
  • They also have packages readily available for sports groups, youth groups, and institutions. Those who are holding any kind of fundraising event can additionally do it via Springs Trampoline Park.
  • Throughout Spring Break, they additionally provide the Ninja Warrior Abilities Camp during the day for those between 6 and 12 years of age.
  • Springs Trampoline Park has a variety of tasks offered, too. These consist of Ninja Warrior Park, Cosmic Dive, and Kid Dive & Play.

14. Fly High Trampoline Park

Fly High Trampoline Park has a handful of locations across the United States and also a brand-new area that was just opened fairly recently!

To start, below is a list of the areas they hold in the United States:

  • Collins, CO
  • Reno, NV.
  • Ogden, UT.

Boise, ID. Fly High Trampoline Park has several destinations to take advantage of, including their gigantic foam pit, trampoline basketball, dodgeball, and a lot more.

They offer different event packages and other fun activities depending on the region, but one thing is constant: If you live in one of their locations and your child has a birthday, remember the two common birthday celebration plans: basic and exclusive!

15. Freefall Trampoline Park

  • Freefall Trampoline Park is an additional, distinct website with just one area. If you’re ever in the Pennsylvania, US location, you’re in for a reward! It has a significant 33′ 000 square feet of trampolines, which are located wall-to-wall.
  • It likewise has an airbag, a basketball, a fight video game, and a mechanical bull! It seems fantastic. Is that appropriate? There are plenty of amazing things below to keep the whole family pleased.

16. Air Trampoline Park

  • The Air Trampoline Park in Maryland is fantastic if you like both trampoline parks as well as ninja warrior training courses. It has a wonderful mix of the old and new, making it one of the greatest trampoline parks in the world.

  • Stratosphere has its very own take on a lot of the usual destinations, such as airbags as well as mechanical bulls. What makes it stand out, though, is its ingenious ‘bounce boards’ where you can practice your snowboarding methods! So, if you want elegant common trampolining with a spin, this is the one for you!

17. Rebounderz Extreme Fun Centre

  • Rebounderz has websites throughout America, with many more opening quickly. This family-friendly facility has great deals to offer! It has unique areas for the children, along with a whole host of severe trampoline activities.
  • Rebounderz prides itself on being a secure experience, with highly educated personnel and ‘premium-crafted’ trampolines. Safety initially!

Tempest Freerunning Academy.

  • If you have ever before intended to discover just how to freerun or exercise parkour, the Tempest Freerunning Academy is most definitely where you intend to be! They have places in Chatsworth, Hawthorne, and Vista, California, at this time of writing.
  • The Tempest Freerunning Academy has several classes that individuals of any age can participate in! To begin, nonetheless, you will certainly be required to take the Novice course.
  • This class is for youngsters aged between 9 and 16 years of age and adults, where you will certainly gain your environment-friendly band.
  • From there, you can undergo the PK All Day, Train Harder Kong Harder, Hardcore Parkour, Flip N Low, I Am A Freerunner, Tru Freedom, and Goldfish Gangsta courses, where you gain bands as you ace the courses. For ages 4 to 8, they can take the Kinderkour and Tadpoles courses.
  • They also have the Monitored Kids Open Gym as well as Grown-up Open Fitness Center locations for those not interested in the courses supplied.
  • Each location also supplies numerous birthday celebration packages based on age ranges and the variety of jumpers that will certainly be available!

What Every Trampoline Park Has in Common

  • Even though there are a ton of trampoline parks around, a lot, if not all, of them have commonalities.
  • As an example, they frequently use a birthday celebration event plan that enables a variety of youngsters, as well as even grownups, to jump their hearts out for someone’s special day.
  • As you saw in our top 15 trampoline parks, most offer something other than a wall-to-wall trampoline. Many provide dodgeball, high leaps into foam pits, basketball, and even physical fitness classes.
  • Both open and exclusive birthday celebrations are likewise provided generally, giving parents a brand-new method to allow their youngsters to get energy out with their loved ones.

The Best Trampoline Parks in the World

  • Most of all else, one point is without a doubt: trampoline parks are appearing everywhere in the world these days. Discovering the most effective trampoline park near you is now easier than ever before, so do not hesitate to leap your heart out.


  • With trampoline parks growing in prominence and number around the world, it is essential that you discover the ideal park for you. Whether you are trying to find a family-friendly day out or an action-packed day with your close friends, there is something for everyone!
  • Take your time and also research the parks near you to find the best ones. The purpose of this write-up is to provide you with a location to start on your trampoline research journey and to let you know some of the extra preferred names to watch out for in your searches.
  • Keep at the forefront of your mind what you require from the website … Do you need extra activities? Would you want a restaurant or a kid-friendly time? Trampoline parks provide something for everyone. Their numbers are at a record high, so you’ll simply locate one that meets your needs.

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