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Jumpking Trampoline & Parts Reviews

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Introducing the JumpKing Trampoline – a dynamic blend of exhilarating fun and top-tier safety, revolutionizing the way we bounce into adventure. Renowned for its superior design, robust construction, and unwavering commitment to quality, the JumpKing Trampoline stands as a beacon of excitement for families and thrill-seekers alike. With a fervent dedication to delivering an unparalleled jumping experience, this innovative product redefines the boundaries of recreational excellence, promising boundless joy and boundless memories for all ages. Join us on a journey through the realms of excitement and safety as we dive into an in-depth review of the JumpKing Trampoline – a testament to excellence in the world of bouncing bliss.

If you have an interest in the JumpKing models I strongly advise you to read my JumpKing trampoline reviews. The fact that in those testimonials you will learn everything you require to find out about trampolines in their deal. As well as if they are an excellent option for you and your family.


Our Top Picks

1-JumpKing 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular Trampoline with Safety Net Siding

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This JumpKing rectangular trampoline is the very first one I want to show you and it is the most popular trampoline on this checklist. It is not a round trampoline. It is a rectangular design and it comes as the JumpKing 6 × 9 as well as 10 × 15 rectangle-shaped trampolines. But those are extremely difficult to find on the market. The color of the trampoline is rather cool, it is made in blue color with green and also black details.

The rectangular trampoline is 10× 14 feet which isn’t too large so it suits most backyards. Also, bear in mind that the bounce is higher on this trampoline than on round versions.

The entire construction of trampoline is constructed from high-quality materials and also the whole trampoline is made to last. The frame, the legs, and the poles of the unit are made of sturdy galvanized steel. So you can be sure that the building is durable.

The springs are additionally constructed from durable galvanized steel. But once you assemble the trampoline you will not be able to see them considering that they are with a tick safety pad. That is a fantastic suggestion. Because you (or your children) can’t get stuck in between them, also when they are going into the room. The safety and security pad is an essential part of the trampoline for each version, not simply this.


  • The rectangular shape provides a higher bounce due to the even tension on the springs.
  • Comes with a safety net siding for added security.
  • Ideal for users looking for a larger jumping area.


  • Being used, the overall condition may vary, potentially impacting the performance and safety.

2-Jumpking 15-foot Round Trampoline

JumpKing 15 ft. Trampoline 7 Legs/ 7 Poles with Safety Enclosure System & Bonus Basketball Hoop, 300 lb. Weight Limit, ASTM, CPSIA Compliant, Black/Orange, (JK157P3UBHC2)
  • 98 galvanized steel springs, 6" long are located around the outside of the enclosure net keeps children safe from hazardous pinch points and openings
  • Rust resistant galvanized steel frame with 7 legs and 7 poles
  • Maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs. or less

jumpking trampoline parts reviews


This is the only round JumpKing trampoline on this checklist yet it is available in different sizes. The other versions of this trampoline are the JumpKing 14ft trampoline and also JumpKing 10ft trampoline. Both of them feature units. Yet, allow’s get back to the JumpKing 15ft trampoline testimonial.

Much like the model above, this set is likewise constructed from galvanized steel so you can leave the trampoline outside the entire year. The W-shaped legs are secure and adequate to maintain the trampoline in one area during jumping. As well as they are connected to the poles which hold the protective room system. That system maintains the jumper secure as well and you don’t need to bother with falling down throughout leaping.

Much like various other models, this trampoline includes a room net that uses the posts. As well as it divides the leaping floor covering from the springtime system. Because the springs can catch your leg and also harm you, that is the best service. Now, you don’t need to bother with individuals obtaining harmed on this trampoline. Due to the fact that the springs are covered with a thick blue security pad. That means you can’t also see them and your legs, as well as ankle joints, are risk-free from the springtime.

Don’t get perplexed with this trampoline, it is a huge trampoline so it is not a youngster’s trampoline. If you are searching for a youngster’s exterior trampoline. Check out the versions of this design or check out the kid’s trampolines evaluated below.


  • Classic round shape appeals to a wide range of users.
  • Sturdy construction ensures durability and long-term use.
  • Provides a good balance between bounce and safety.


  • The circular design might limit the available jumping area compared to rectangular trampolines.

3-JumpKing 8’x12′ Oval Trampoline

JumpKing Jumping Surface 8' x 12' Oval Trampoline with 64 V-Rings for 8.5" Springs, Black
  • Jumping surface fits 8 ft. by 12 ft. oval trampoline frames that use 64 - 8. 5 in. springs
  • Springs sold separately
  • Measure trampoline from outside frame to outside frame for correct size when ordering

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This oval trampoline is made from galvanized steel and it will last a long time. Such as that it is totally in the black. As well as an eco-friendly shade mix, it offers a design that is something worth stating.

The enclosure system uses poles that are affixed to the legs and also it keeps the whole trampoline stable. When you check out the entrance of the unit, you will certainly discover that it is actually very little. That indicates that this trampoline is likewise produced by kids, not by adults. The 220-pound weight capacity can just validate that due to the fact that other large. Also, heavy-duty designs have at the very least 300 lbs, much more.

The enclosure web on this trampoline likewise separates the jumping floor covering from the springs. That is great if you want to maintain your youngsters 100% risk-free. But the drawback is that there is just a jumping mat in the room and if your child intends to relax, he needs to go out of the trampoline, he can not simply chill on the leaping mat.

However, that is a pleasant worry and that is why I want to reveal you this trampoline to, so you can see that it is a safe and long-lasting unit. It also meets or exceeds the ASTM security requirements which is fantastic evidence of quality for the trampoline.


  • The oval shape allows for a mix of the benefits of both round and rectangular trampolines.
  • Ample jumping surface for various activities.
  • Specifically designed for easy installation and replacement.


  • May require periodic replacement due to wear and tear.

4-JumpKing Bazoongi Trampoline

Bazoongi Universal 12 Foot Trampoline Enclosure, Black (BZ1209E4)
  • For ages 6 +.
  • Fits most 12 trampolines.
  • Creates a fun Jumping environment without limiting visibility.

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This is a various kind of youngster’s trampoline and also it includes the room system. It is wonderful for kids who aren’t accustomed to the trampoline concept due to the fact that the safety and security room maintains them on the jumping floor covering any way time.

The design of the trampoline is great, it is all in yellow as well as a black color mix which will thrill your kids. The unit internet walks around the jumping mat as well and the floor covering is small, which makes it a toy for one kid at a time. Your child can’t jump left as well as right on this trampoline since the leaping floor covering is small and the enclosure internet does not permit your kid to go wild on it. That is why I think it is an excellent solution for tiny kids who don’t understand what is a trampoline.

The materials utilized on this trampoline are likewise galvanized steel so you can anticipate resilience. The W-shaped legs maintain the trampoline in one location, as well as the springtime, and are covered with a thick security pad, which makes them well-hidden from your youngster’s ankle joints.

The only thing I see as a tiny drawback is the dimension of the entrance in the room. It is very little and also your child will have to crawl within. That will probably be very intriguing for your kid, yet we grownups see this as one of the JumpKing trampoline components that require enhancement.


  • Universal design is suitable for a variety of trampoline brands and models.
  • Enhanced safety with a durable enclosure.
  • The black color offers a sleek and modern look.


  • May require careful installation to ensure a secure fit for all trampoline models.

5- Jumpking 14′ G4 Enclosure System

Jumpking 14' G4 Enclosure System for all Trampolines with 4 U-legs BZ1409E4
  • Universal enclosure
  • Rust resistant galvanized steel frame
  • Fits any 14 ft. round trampoline that has 4-legs

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As a concerned parent, safety is my top priority when it comes to my kids’ activities, and the Jumpking 14′ G4 Enclosure System has exceeded my expectations. Installing this enclosure system was a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions provided. The sturdy 4 U-leg design ensures stability, providing peace of mind while my kids jump around.

The netting is of high quality, offering excellent protection against accidental falls. Additionally, the enclosure’s height is perfect, allowing for ample jumping space without feeling restricted. The overall build quality is impressive, and it’s evident that the materials used are durable and built to last. I highly recommend the Jumpking 14′ G4 Enclosure System for anyone looking for a reliable and secure trampoline enclosure for their family.


  • Compatible with various trampoline models, enhancing versatility.
  • The G4 enclosure system ensures a secure and stable structure.
  • The inclusion of 4 U-legs provides additional stability.


  • The installation process may be slightly time-consuming.

6-JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Trampoline and XDP Recreation Metal Ground Anchor Kit

JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Trampoline and XDP Recreation Metal Ground Anchor Kit
  • JumpKing trampoline is a great option for smaller yards
  • 100% polypropylene jumping surface increases bounce
  • Environmentally-friendly safety pads help protect the springs from the weather

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Having purchased the JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Trampoline along with the XDP Recreation Metal Ground Anchor Kit, I can confidently say that I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and safety features of these products. The trampoline itself is a perfect size for my backyard, providing ample space for my kids to play and have fun. The sturdy construction of the trampoline gives me peace of mind, knowing that it can withstand rigorous use. The included safety enclosure is a fantastic addition, ensuring that my children can jump with complete security.

Furthermore, the XDP Recreation Metal Ground Anchor Kit has proven to be an essential accessory for securing the trampoline in place, especially during windy days. The anchors are robust and reliable, effectively preventing any unwanted movement or tipping. Installing the anchors was straightforward, and they have provided an added layer of stability to the trampoline setup. Overall, I highly recommend both the JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Trampoline and the XDP Recreation Metal Ground Anchor Kit to anyone in search of a safe and durable trampoline option for their family.


  • Comes with a metal ground anchor kit for added stability and safety.
  • Suitable for users with limited space due to its compact size.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage.


  • The smaller size might not be ideal for users seeking a larger jumping area.


Every heavy-duty trampoline is a trampoline that needs assembly instructions. The same story is with their versions so make sure you review the guidebook before assembling the trampoline. If you can not locate handbooks for your 10ft or 14ft trampoline, look into this weblink because it has all trampoline setting up instructions.



If you are seeking an outdoor trampoline, choose the JumpKing 15-ft trampoline due to the fact that it is made of top-quality products.

If you are a lot more interested in a youngster’s trampolines, I suggest you take a look at the JumpKing my first trampoline since it was created for kids and you recognize that your children will certainly have funds for it.

JumpKing may not generate rebounders, but you can still inspect some other brands in my post regarding rebounders all you can examine all sorts of trampolines in my blog post about ideal trampolines.

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