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Best Trampoline Replacement Parts In 2024

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Best Trampoline Replacement Parts & Accessories For sale helps you manage your trampolines. They are available on the market today so we can increase safety and have fun on the go. Do you desire your trampoline to last as long as possible?

Then this post is for you. To make sure that the trampoline’s building is always secure for you and your children, you need to know about trampoline framework parts as well as other crucial attributes that the trampoline has such as security unit internet, leaping mat, legs, etc. Additionally, to taking one of the most of the jumping experience and maintain the longevity of the trampoline, you ought to learn about readily available trampoline accessories. Here you will find out the trampoline parts you need to recognize, to maintain reading.

Exactly How To Replace Trampoline Components?

The exertion and the time needed to replace the trampoline parts will depend upon the dimension of the trampoline and its weight. In general, when changing the parts you must comply with the assembly instructions that are consistent in every user handbook. You must take apart the trampoline as explained in the guidebook and replace the broken part with the new one. Afterwards, you ought to re-assemble the trampoline by appropriately complying with the steps again.

Where To Get Trampoline Replacement Parts And Also Supply Near Me?

The trampoline substitute parts and various other devices can be purchased in specialized shops. Yet, you can likewise find them on official internet sites of the brand name or at online retailers such as I advise the online search of the trampoline components because you have a larger choice of both branded and global parts and far better comparison between even more designs, so you can determine which is best for you.

Our Top Picks:


1-Substitute Trampoline Springs

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Garden trampolines last longer with this 20-spring bundle. Heavy-duty stainless steel makes them rust-resistant. Each spring features a safe, self-locking T-hook end that fits the trampoline frame sockets. They have substantial recoil for good bounce. The 15-inch springs may replace old or broken springs on most 14-16-foot circular trampolines. The springs connect to the frame uniformly, making installation simple. No tools are needed. These springs replace damaged coils, improving safety and performance. They enable recreational bouncing for years. Renewing a backyard trampoline for kids’ and family enjoyment with this value set of sturdy stainless springs is affordable.

Key features

  • 20 packs of stainless steel springs
  • Self-locking T-hook design


  • Durable rust-resistant material
  • Easy no-tool installation
  • Improve the safety of worn trampoline
  • Renew the bounce and life of the trampoline
  • Cost-effective solution versus replacement


  • Only suitable for specific trampoline sizes
  • Improper installation can cause injury

2-Trampoline Replacement Mat

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The trampoline mats to buy are available in various sizes, from 6ft up to 17ft. When buying a new trampoline floor covering you can look for the specifically made one for your version or global.

Regardless, you need to recognize your trampoline dimension in diameter, the size of the springs, and the spring count to understand which jumping floor covering is right for you. The trampoline leaping replacement component that lasts long and supports high weight should be made from tightly woven polypropylene mesh products with many sewing rows.

Key Features

  • Soft jumping mat replacement
  • Fits round frames 10-17ft


  • Improves safety and cushioning
  • Renew bouncing enjoyment
  • Easy installation over the frame
  • Durable PVC material withstands weathering


  • Only compatible with certain frames
  • Difficult to measure exact fit

3-HBTower Trampoline Ladder

1 48

This durable trampoline ladder is kid-safe. The thick-gauge steel comprises horizontal steps for stability and broad platform rungs for balance. The ladder has a UV-treated powder coat to prevent corrosion outside. It secures to most 14-17-foot trampoline frames. Slip-resistant treads are imprinted on each broad step. The total ladder weight capability is 220 lbs. This ladder removes the need for parents to hoist kids on and off the trampoline, although supervision is still required. Tool-free assembly. Safety is improved by utilizing the frame as a hold and avoiding falls that damage leaping. A cheap way to get kids outside and prevent sprains from climbing independently.

Key Features

  • Horizontal steps, wide rungs
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • The universal hook fits most trampolines


  • Safe, assisted access to trampoline
  • Durable rust-resistant materials
  • Helps prevent climbing injuries
  • Easy no-tool installation


  • Size limit of 220 lbs weight capacity
  • Outdoor use needs occasional checks

4-Trampoline Safety Pad Replacement

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The trampoline pads can be discovered in different shapes and sizes, as the trampolines on the marketplace. The pad is an integral part of the trampoline because it protects the kids or adults from injuries that might take place if somebody falls on the metal frame or internet post.

To find the ideal match you do not need to search for top quality ones. One of the most essential is to recognize the frame size and shape. The cushioning can be made from sturdy PVC products or foam.

Key Features

  • Replacement safety pad for round trampolines
  • Fits frames 10-16 feet


  • Improves cushioning and protects users
  • Prevents direct contact with springs
  • Waterproof material withstands weather
  • Easy replacement of worn pads


  • May require adjustments for the correct fit
  • Outdoor weather could reduce longevity

5-Trampoline Frame

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When the structure is broken or loose, you need to purchase a brand-new one because the framework is a crucial part of the trampoline Trampoline frame components consist of tip rails, legs, leg extensions, and also unit poles as well as arcs.

All of these parts can be marketed independently, but for a particular size of the framework that can be from 42″ to 17 ′. Some components can be universal, however, in this instance, the very best option is to purchase the specially made framework parts for the design you have.

Key Features

  • 15ft round trampoline with safety enclosure net
  • Heavy duty 550lbs weight capacity


  • Large bouncing area for multiple jumpers
  • A sturdy steel frame provides stability
  • Safety net enclosure contains users
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel


  • The very large structure requires space
  • Heavy and complex assemblies required

6-Trampoline Legs

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The legs of the trampoline make the base that holds it on the ground. They can be made from blow-molded plastic or steel. The youngster’s designs typically have plastic ones, while the biggest trampolines need to have steel bases to support the large weight.

The legs can be straight or U-shaped. When purchasing new ones, you must examine the type of structure your model has as well as which kind of legs it sustains.

Key Features

  • Indoor trampoline with arched legs, bungees
  • 30 adjustable bungees, 39-inch jumping surface


  • Provides low-impact cardio workout
  • Can customize bounce for different exercises
  • The sturdy design is very stable and safe
  • Folds for convenient storage
  • Comes with instructional videos


  • Requires dedicated space in the living area

7-Trampoline Pole Caps

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The framework, springs, and net’s posts have the extra paddings, and the posts additionally have their caps. If you intend to be additional secure, get them so the sharp metal sides are covered. Before purchasing, you must recognize the diameter of the poles from your trampoline and also their number.

There are special “c” hook caps that prevent the web from sliding down the post.

Key Features

  • Replace worn or missing trampoline pole caps
  • Universal size fits most 14-17ft round frames


  • Improves safety by covering sharp poles
  • Prevents injuries from direct contact
  • Durable soft plastic material
  • Easy push-on installation
  • Inexpensive replacement part


  • Fitting may require adjustment
  • Only protects from below, not sides

8-Universal Trampoline Replacement Enclosure Poles

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These heavy-duty replacement poles fix garden trampoline safety enclosure poles that break. The package contains all installation clamps and hardware. Poles made of rust-resistant galvanized steel slide easily into trampoline bed frame sockets. Poles are then clamped securely. Replacing broken poles strengthens enclosure netting, improving safety. The universal fit fits most 14-17 foot circular trampoline frames. The provided bolts and wing nuts make installation easy. No other tools are required. Pole length may be adjusted for fit. Accidentally damaged enclosure poles? An economical fix. It restores trampoline safety barriers at a fraction of the cost of nets and frames.

Key Features

  • Replacement poles and clamps for safety enclosures
  • Universal fit for most trampoline frames


  • Repairs damaged enclosures improving safety
  • Durable steel construction with rust resistance
  • Easy installation with included hardware
  • Inexpensive solution vs replacement enclosure


  • The proper fit must be verified for the model
  • Outdoor use can lead to weathering over time


1 54

There are lots of devices for the trampoline that can be a lot more for useful use or amusement such as different trampoline devices and video games such as a basketball loop.

The various other devices offered are shoe storage, a cover for the floor covering or the whole trampoline, the items for anchoring the trampoline, a water hose that transforms it into the water park, etc. Also, the trampoline can be included in the slide which makes it much more enjoyable.

Key Features

  • Safety enclosure net, poles, clamp kit for round frames
  • Fits most 12-17ft trampolines


  • Provides maximum safety for enclosed bouncing
  • Sturdy galvanized steel poles and PVC-coated net
  • Easy bolt-together installation
  • Improves safety for younger children


  • Size compatibility must be verified
  • Net gaps still allow some risk of falling/passing through

10-Trampoline Anchors Package

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The trampoline anchors are products that aid you in ready as well as basing the trampoline, both land, as well as water kinds. This is essential for outdoor trampolines because of the weather that can harm them or turn them over.

The very practical things that need to be considered in a trampoline tie-down kit are the trampoline wind risks. They are located securely in the ground and also over the trampoline legs, so when it’s windy the trampoline is steady.

Key Features

  • Anchoring kit for securing round trampolines
  • Includes straps and screws for ground installation


  • Reinforces stability in windy conditions
  • Helps prevent accidental movement or flipping
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Inexpensive safety upgrade


  • Requires digging/drilling in the yard

11-Skywalker Trampolines Single Enclosure Pole Set

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This set replaces Skywalker trampoline safety cage poles. Pole-damaged enclosures may be repaired using it. Heavy-duty galvanized steel prevents corrosion on each pole. They slide easily into trampoline frame sockets. After tightening the clamps, the poles are secured. The poles are pre-cut for Skywalker trampolines 4201, 4202, and 5075. No pole section assembly or trimming is needed. Replacing damaged poles strengthens enclosure netting. This keeps an essential safety feature and saves money on a new enclosure. Simple, tool-free installation. Clamp bolts and wingnuts are provided. Durable galvanized steel poles safeguard kids from years of backyard bouncing.

Key Features

  • Replacement poles specifically for Skywalker trampoline enclosures
  • Fits models 4201, 4202 and 5075


  • Maintains safety barrier at a lower cost than full replacement
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel won’t rust
  • Bolt-on clamps provide secure installation
  • Ensures proper pole length for fit


  • Requires identifying the correct trampoline model

12-Trampoline Ladder

1 56

This is a wonderful added function that the larger trampoline must-have, particularly for younger youngsters. Trampoline stairways can be made specifically for a particular brand name and also designed or universal.

One of the most vital points to understand before getting the actions is to recognize the elevation of your trampoline so that the ladders aren’t too brief.

Key Features

  • Ladder accessory for Skywalker trampolines
  • Wide steps for easy on/off access


  • Provides safe stepping points for climbing up/down
  • Sturdy aluminum construction withstands weathering
  • Attaches easily to the trampoline frame
  • Aids young, elderly, or mobility-impaired users


  • May take some space within the frame opening

13-Skywalker Trampolines Lower Enclosure Straight Tube

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These two tubes replace the lowest parts of the Skywalker trampoline safety cage frames. Straight tubes slide into enclosure frame socket joints to repair broken pieces. Heavy-duty, flexible galvanized steel resists corrosion and bending. Broken lower tubes may be replaced to secure enclosure netting. It avoids trampoline barrier gaps. Each tube is trimmed to length at both ends for a perfect Skywalker model 4201 trampoline replacement. No assembly or changes are needed for installation. This tube system maintains backyard bounce safety with lasting repairs at a reduced cost than a new enclosure. Simple bolt-in installation requires no specific equipment or abilities.

Key Features

  • Replacement lower tubes for Skywalker 4201 enclosure frames
  • Pack of 2 galvanized steel tubes


  • Maintains safety barrier at low cost vs replacement
  • Flexible yet sturdy steel won’t rust or snap easily
  • Bolt-in installation is quick and easy
  • Ensures proper enclosure shape and fit


  • Fits only Skywalker 4201 model trampoline

14-Trampoline Springtime Device

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ir?t=iplaytx 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07XBCMZ21The trampoline hook is a very user-friendly and useful accessory that helps you when setting up the springtime when putting together the trampoline. The trampoline spring puller is T-shaped which helps to easily glide the springtime right into the trampoline.

It’s made from strong steel and it’s a universal trampoline tool that can be utilized for any type of type of spring on any trampoline. If you buy a bundle that consists of more of them, the assemblage can be quicker because your buddies can aid you with it.

Key Features

  • Spring pull tool kit with 2 T-hooks for removing/replacing springs
  • Fits rounded ends of coiled trampoline springs


  • Safety tool helps avoid injury from spring recoil/slip
  • Ergonomic handles for better leverage and control
  • Durable steel construction for long use
  • Affordable compared to no-tool methods


  • Requires some strength to disengage heavy springs

15-Trampoline Basketball Hoop

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Basketball hoops make trampoline entry more fun. Steel and the trampoline mat’s substance make the hoop easy to install. You need also to get the foam sphere. When buying, make sure the trampoline has sufficient poles and identify their size since certain hoops need a particular size to be connected. The global ones fit most enclosures. Include equipment and U-bolts for easier installation.

Key Features

  • The trampoline basketball hoop connects to the enclosing poles.
  • Balls, brackets, and mounting hardware are included.


  • Adds a new enjoyable leisure activity
  • Steel poles and UV-resistant ball
  • Installation is simple and requires no tools or fixing.
  • Encourages outdoor activity


  • Pole installation needs an enclosed trampoline.
  • At times, the ball may bounce off and be lost.

16-Eurmax USA Trampoline Stakes Heavy Duty Trampoline Mats

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This device provides heavy-duty anchoring for trampolines that tend to go over in windy conditions. It has 8 steel corkscrew-shaped pegs to secure the mat edge to soft ground. The t-handle tool helps each stake thread into the mat’s edge holes. The mat stays put when the big base and angled shape are screwed in. Wind pressures are evenly distributed via circumferential stakes. The rust-resistant coating and robust steel construction resist deterioration. To prevent blow-away mat incidents, anchor mats properly. To provide stability and peace of mind throughout use, this affordable kit speeds installation. The durable construction provides long-term anchoring.

Key Features

  • 8 steel corkscrew stakes and a T-handle tool are included.


  • Strengthens trampoline mat anchoring
  • In windy circumstances, it provides stability for safety.
  • Weather-resistant structure -Quick and simple installation technique -Inexpensive update for blown mat prevention


  • Insertion requires a good soil/yard surface.

17-Trampoline Tires

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The trampoline moving wheels will certainly be helpful when you should move the heavy trampoline somewhere else. It’s a great accessory that minimizes the weight of the trampoline that you can press when transporting it, without the anxiety of flipping over the whole construction.

You do not have to dismantle the whole trampoline however simply press it away. They have to be connected to trampoline legs, so some will certainly be appropriate for U-shaped legs while others for straight ones. Before purchasing global ones, search if there are top-quality wheels for your trampoline.

Key Features

  • 4 heavy-duty retractable casters in a set
  • Each caster has a capacity of 600 lbs.


  • Allow for simple movement and placing of big weights.
  • 360-degree swivel and brake system -Durable all-metal structure
  • Non-marking tires keep floors clean.
  • An easy-to-use retract function


  • Moving takes some upper body strength
  • Mounting necessitates the use of extra hardware/tools



Now you know all the parts as well as devices for your trampoline that are readily available at online stores such as

One of the most vital points before acquiring them is to know your trampoline functions such as frame and spring size, dimension of the jumping mat, building product, shape of the legs, and so on. That’s because some parts are universal, while others are specifically made for certain layouts, brands, or dimensions.

Yet, if you do not have a trampoline and would like to get one, read my article regarding ideal trampolines since you can read all about youngsters’ trampolines, rebounders, and trampolines made for the outdoors.

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