Skywalker Trampoline & Parts Reviews (Rectangle-Square-Oval) is the article we bring to you, it lists a list of cheap skywalker trampoline. Offering quality but with extremely stable prices is our obligation. The most significant as well as the most preferred trampoline brand name right now is the Skywalker trampolines brand as well as if you remain in the trampoline world for a long time then I make sure you have actually found out about it. The Skywalker supplier head office lies in Utah, U.S.A..

They aren’t entirely focused just on the trampoline company. Besides that, they are generating tools for playgrounds like Playground, swing collections or monkey bars. If you are interested in something significant after that you will be glad to listen to that they generate sports equipment like football objective technique banners or basketball hoops.

Are Skywalker Trampolines Good?

Their trampolines are made with top notch products and they have a big range of trampolines in their offer. That is natural if we consider them as one of the toughest name in the business. It truly does not matter what sort of trampolines you are seeking, you will certainly locate it in the Skywalker trampoline offer for sure. If you still aren’t certain if they are great, you should understand that every Skywalker trampoline features a warranty.

Where To Get Skywalker Trampoline?

You can buy it on their official internet site but they only deliver across the UNITED STATES (48 states), which is not ideal. If you intend to order the best rate on Skywalker trampolines, check online stores that sell Skywalkers like or Walmart. You can get your trampoline there and also if you are lucky you can order their offers and also get them with a lower price as well as even a free delivery. Also, their online shops have reviews listed below each item whcih is terrific if you wish to see experience by a person that simply bought it.

How Much Do The Skywalkers Cost?

The price of every version depends upon Skywalker specs like dimensions, function, materials used, and so on. Their rate array is from a couple of hundreds to almost a number of thousands of bucks so you can be certain that you will certainly discover a version in your budget. I would certainly enjoy to inform you a typical price however as a result of the too many different designs it is difficult to say anything accurate.

If you check out the style of their trampolines, you can quickly see that they have kids trampolines and also heavy-duty trampolines. The very same tale is with the shape. I am uncertain if I have ever before seen a trampoline brand name that creates every shape of the trampoline besides Skywalker. That suggests that they have round, oval, rectangle-shaped as well as square shape and then, you still have youngster’s trampolines in the offer.

If you are on this site, after that you want choosing the trampoline for you and your family members. So, why do not you try the Skywalker trampoline? Review my Skywalker trampoline reviews and also you will certainly see if they really are a great suitable for your family. (trust me– they are).


15-ft Skywalker Trampoline Jump As Well As Dunk With Unit.

One of the most popular form of the family trampoline, in general, is round. That is why there are lots of Skywalker trampoline designs in their deal and also you will certainly be impressed when you see the offer they have for you. But, prior to I start with the offer, let’s talk about the technical features of the Skywalker trampoline.

This version is a heavy-duty trampoline that comes in different shades and dimensions. One of the most prominent dimension is the Skywalker 15 foot trampoline (SWTC1500), but besides that, you can likewise find 7.5 feet, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and 16ft Skywalker trampolines. That provides you the opportunity to pick the dimension that matches your yard best as well as I make certain you will consider that option.

I will certainly concentrate my review on the Skywalker 15 foot round trampoline and also you can locate various other versions listed below. The Skywalker 15 feet round trampoline includes unit that is made of top quality polyethylene material and also it is upgraded with UV security. The very same story is with every other product used on the trampoline. They are all made to endure climate so you can leave your trampoline in the yard throughout the whole year.

The frame as well as the legs of the trampoline are made of galvanized steel which means that they are even more resilient than routine steel. The very same tale is with the posts that hold the enclosure web up. The W-shaped legs on the trampoline make sure that the entire construction is secure so you (or your kids) can get on the trampoline for hrs.

There is a specifically created connection in between the mat and also the unit web which fills the voids in between those 2 parts to avoid any injuries. Given that the trampoline is made with rust-resistant springtimes, there is a long lasting and also thick security pad that covers every square inch of the spring system.

The most fascinating function of this certain version is the fact that this Skywalker trampoline includes a basketball collection that consists of a basketball hoop as well as ball so your children can fire hoops performnig tricks. This particular version comes various colors of the trampoline. You can select from blue, eco-friendly, red, purple and unique styles with stripes, lines, camo and so on. That is something you can allow your youngsters choose if you can not choose the color.

The version is rather excellent and it features a 3-year warranty on the structure and also 1-year restricted service warranty on other components as well as materials. It is a durable trampoline you can place outside, however I must state there is one drawback. The 200 pounds weight ability is a reduced weight capability for a huge 15-feet Skywalker trampoline.

Other Versions of Round Skywalker Trampoline.

Skywalker 12-foot Round Trampoline.

This is the closest version to the 15ft trampoline above because it likewise includes the basketball hoop which you can see by its name Skywalker 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk trampoline with enclosure. The trampoline likewise can be found in different shades and also the weight capactiy is 200lbs, which is rather OK for a Skywalker 12ft trampoline and also unit combination.

Skywalker 14-foot Round Trampoline.

The smaller variation is the Skywalker 14-ft trampoline as well as like the 16-ft variation above, it just is available in blue color at the moment. Since it is a smaller option you can anticipate it to be like the 15ft round trampoline with the very same weight ability of 200lbs. Additionally, it does not come wiht the basketball hoop.

Skywalker 16-foot Round Trampoline.

The 16ft Skywalker trampoline is the biggest dimension of a round Skywalker trampoline that looks the like the 15ft version above, but it comes with a higher weight capacity which is 300 lbs. Additionally, currently you can just get a blue shade, yet that can change in the future. Similar to the 14ft design, this doesn’t consist of ther basketball video game.


Skywalker 16-foot Oval Trampoline.

The Skywalker oblong trampolines are just in between the round as well as square models, so they give a remarkable bounce however they are simple to regulate for novices. Just like rounded trampolines, the Skywalker oblong trampoline is available in different sizes as well as colors so you can choose the one that fits your yard and your taste best.

When it concerns the size, the biggest is the Skywalker trampoline 17 feet, while the tiniest is the 16 feet trampoline so you can assume that this version is created big households or people that actually like to utilize trampoline regularly. Today, I will focus on the Skywalker 16ft oblong trampoline and you can read about the Skywalker 17ft trampoline listed below the evaluation in the various other variations.

Just like the round trampoline, this comes with the Skywalker trampoline internet so you can be sure that whoever is jumping on the trampoline, is risk-free from the autumn. The unit web is attached to the jumping floor covering and also it also includes galvanized steel poles that hold the unit in position. Similar to you would anticipate, this trampoline is made from premium materials. The structure, the legs, and also the poles are constructed from galvanized steel which means it is durable and also strong sufficient to sustain all weather conditions.

The springs are covered with thick safety pad but they are likewise separated from the leaping floor covering with No-Gap safety unit so you can be certain that your ankle joints are far from the springtimes. Although the trampoline meets and also goes beyond security requirements, still it is not recommended for youngsters under the age of 6.

The dimensions of this Skywalker trampoline (STEC1600) are 16 x 14ft and also the weight capacity is 200 pounds, which is not that much and also I assume it is an embarassment considering that it is a very big trampoline.

Various Other Variations of Oval Skywalker Trampoline.

Skywalker 17-foot Round Trampoline.

The biggest oblong trampoline is the Skywalker 17 × 15 oblong trampoline and it comes with the exact same attributes as the version over. It has the exact same 200lbs weight capacity, which is embarassment, but the bounce experience is wonderful.


Skywalker 15-foot Square Trampoline.

Much like other models in the Skywalker trampoline deal, the Skywalker trampoline square models are available in different sizes and shades. The biggest trampoline in this offer isn’t Skywalker trampoline 17 feet, however 16 feet trampoline and also the tiniest is 13 feet trampoline so you can pick the one that suits you ideal. I will certainly discuss the Skywalker 15ft square trampoline as well as enclosure comboand then I will certainly reveal you various other dimensions rigth listed below this testimonial.

When it pertains to shades, this trampoline comes in a black and blue color combination so it will fit nicely in any yard. A Skywalker 15-foot trampoline as well as unit combo has the exact same functions like other Skywalker trampolines so you can be certain that the quality remains in area.

The 15ft square Skywalker trampoline has actually an enclosure made of sturdy and UV shielded product as well as it is utilized as a separation between the springs as well as the leaping mat keeping that Skywalker special No-gap layout. The springs are constructed from galvanized steel as well as they are covered with safety pad which is wonderful both for them and also for your ankles.

The entire building and construction is very sturdy and the measurements of Skywalker square trampoline are 15 x 15ft. The structure and the legs are made of premium 16-gauge galvanized steel so you can be sure that the entire building and construction is durable as well as stable. The legs are located at the corners and they are made to go under the trampoline which boosts the overall stability and also makes certain that you have a great time.

There is a distinction in between a round as well as a square Skywalker trampoline. The square will certainly give you even more room as well as it is made of more powerful steel so it also has far better Skywalker trampoline weight limit– 250lbs. Also, the bounce on the Skywalker 15-foot square trampoline is greater than on the round and also oblong trampolines.

Various Other Variations of Square Skywalker Trampoline.

Skywalker 13-foot Square Trampoline.

The Skywalker 13-ft square trampoline is the smallest square trampoline in this classification so it will certainly fit in a lot of backyards. However, unfortunatelly, it is usually out of stock so I would recommend you to cehck out various other sizes and shapes of Skywalker offer.

Skywalker 14-foot Square Trampoline.

The Skywalker 14ft square trampoline with room features a 250lbs weight limit which amounts to 15ft square trampoline so if you need that type of trampoline and also you don’t have too much space, this is the choice for you.


Skywalker 8 × 14 Rectangle-shaped Trampoline.

The Skywalker rectangular shape trampoline uses the highest bounce and also it is the most remarkable version in the whole Skywalker trampoline testimonials. That is why it is suggested for children above 6 years old and also they must still be monitored whatsoever times. It is preferable for teens as well as adults.

Similar to various other designs, this Skywalker rectangle trampoline comes in various sizes, from 16feet to 13feet, while the Skywalker trampoline 8 × 14 is the most popular one. It looks like the Skywalker 14 foot trampoline matches most backyards since it is not as well huge, yet it is big enough to give you a good time.

The trampoline can be found in blue, green and camouflage layout, yet I must admit that I such as the environment-friendly Skywalker 14 feet trampoline mix best as well as I am not the only one given that this is the most prominent combination.

There isn’t a standard big Skywalker trampoline without the enclosure which suggests that you will get the unit on this trampoline. The Skywalker 8 × 14 trampoline has the exact same No-gap safety net design which links the jumping floor covering and also the unit system which gets rid of the springs outside of the construction.

Every part of the trampoline is made of top quality products, meaning you can anticipate galvanized steel framework, legs and posts, UV resistant internet and jumping mat as well as galvanizes steel springtimes. The springtime pad above the springs is likewise quite remarkable, it is constructed from UV-resistant PVC cover.

If you still aren’t certain that this Skywalker rectangular shape trampoline is the best, you will be once you listen to that it comes with a 3-year warranty on the framework as well as 1-year service warranty on various other components. So, are you ready to get your Skywalker 14 ft trampoline?

Various Other Variations of Rectangle Skywalker Trampoline.

Skywalker 9 × 15 Rectangle Trampoline.

The Skywalker rectangular shape trampoline with unit 15 feet by 9 feet is the largest rectangular shape trampoline as well as you need to have a large lawn to fit it. This trampoline has outstanding bounce and it is produced individuals who love sports. The weight capactiy is 250lbs, which could be higher.


Skywalker 8-feet Round Trampoline.

The Skywalker 8ft trampoline is the most significant youngster’s trampoline in their deal although it comes in larger size also and also you can review it below the review. This Skywalker 8ft trampoline and also safety enclosure combo comes in two color mixes, heaven as well as green with black information so you can utilize the one that suits your needs best.

Although it is a youngster’s trampoline, it is made from the same materials as heavy-duty versions. However, due to its size, you can place it inside as well as outside. The good thing is that the leaping mat is completely separated from the spring system thanks to the safety net so you can be sure your kids will not obtain harmed on the springtimes. Likewise they are covered with the thick padding.

You do not need to obtain a ladder for this trampoline due to the fact that the leaping mat is only 2ft from the ground, however if you desire, you can place something below the trampoline for your youngsters to get in or exit. It can be a box or a ladder.

This trampoline is conisdered a youngster’s trampoline, but it is not a kid’s trampoline as well as you can see that by the age restrictions which says not for youngsters younger than 6 years of ages. Likewise, the weight capacity of the Skywalker trampoline 8ft is 175 pounds.
If you want to see what various other variations you can get, look into the models below this evaluation!

Other Versions of 8-foot Trampoline.

Skywalker 10-foot Trampoline.

The skywalker trampoline 10ft is the greatest trampoline in this category as well as although it allows, it is still created youngsters. It can be found in various colors and the weight limitation is liek on the 8ft model, 175lbs.

Skywalker 55-inch Trampoline.

This skywalker 55 inch trampoline is in fact a version in between this trampoline as well as the next I wish to share with you. It includes the safety room to maintain your children safe as well as the weight capability is 100lbs.

Skywalker Zoo Mini Trampoline.

Currently I wish to reveal you something for more youthful parts of the family and also this version is fantastic for that. This might not be the Skywalker 12 foot trampoline, yet it will suffice for your youngster due to the fact that it is created kids in between 3 and 7 years.

Appears like the Skywalker 8 foot trampoline since it comes with the unit system, but it is much, a lot smaller sized design, changed for kids. The enclosure system on this Skywalker trampoline for kids goes around the jumping mat and it is geared up with the manage type the inside so your youngster can order onto something while jumping. The most effective part is that the handle is all around the enclosure so your child can get on it the entire time.

The framework and also the legs are constructed from steel, yet they are covered in foam pad so your kid can be risk-free even outside of the trampoline. There aren’t tough or sharp edges in as well as outside of the trampoline which is all that issues for your child.

The entire layout is produced youngsters, as you can see the trampoline is quite colorful, within as well as outside. Outside it has red, blue as well as yellow shades while inside you will observe the drawings on the jumping floor covering which is wonderful for your youngsters. The illustrations show zebra, monkey and an elephant and that is why it is referred to as the Skywalker trampoline Zoo model. But it likewise is available in various dimensions as well as colors you can find out in the versions.

There is an additional attribute which makes this trampoline so fascinating to parents with children which is extra room net. The 2nd internet is listed below the jumping mat and also it protects against playthings, youngsters, and also family pets from obtaining under the trampoline. That way you can be certain that absolutely nothing is listed below the trampoline when your child begins using it.

Other Versions of Mini Skywalker Trampoline.

Skywalker Mini Beach Trampoline.

This is the greatest version of this trampoline and it is called the Skywalker trampoline 60 inch. This Seaside variation has starfish, dolphin and a whale. The weight capability is 100 lbs, ideal for kids.

Skywalker Mini Camo Trampoline.

You can additionally get this trampoline in camo style, but that one comes only as Skywalker 48-inch trampoline, while various other models above it be available in all 3 dimensions (40 ″, 48 ″ and also 60 ″). The weight ability of this design is also 100 lbs.

Skywalker Mini 40 ″ Trampoline.

The smallest version is the Skywalker trampoline 40 ″ and this set can be found in green, blue and also yellow shade combinations with black details. It coincides as the models over which implies that the weight capacity is also 100 pounds.


There are lots of Skywalker trampoline components you can pick from if something happens with a part of your Skywalker trampoline. Those Skywalker trampoline substitute parts don’t have to be something that needs replacing, it could be something you want to transform since you intend to refurbish your trampoline like Skywalker trampoline room internet, springs on the framework or the color of the Skywalker trampoline cover. It does not matter what it is, as long as you locate the missing component and also make your trampoline wonderful once again.

Besides components, there are additionally Skywalker trampoline devices which can make your whole jumping experience even better. To do that, you can inspect the checklist of a lot of preferred accessories or I might inform you few. For example, among the most popular ones is the Skywalker trampoline basketball hoop, and even the Skywalker trampoline ladder since they do not included every model.


If you are seeking a durable yard trampoline then I would suggest you the Skywalker oblong trampoline, however if you need a kid’s trampoline, I would suggest you the Zoo Mini trampoline which will certainly keeep your children amused for hours. But, if you are much more curious about health and fitness trampolines you can rad my post concerning fitness rebounders or you can see what are a few of the small trampolines you can make use of inside your house. If you are trying to find a premium trampolines, have a look at my blog post concerning finest trampolines.

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