SkyBound Trampoline (Stratos,Cirrus,Atoms) & Parts For Sale Reviews

? SkyBound Trampoline (Stratos,Cirrus,Atoms) & Parts For Sale Reviews

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SkyBound Trampoline (Stratos,Cirrus,Atoms)
  • Skybound Trampoline was developed in 2009 and they have begun their journey in the trampoline globe as a small substitute components provider for trampolines that were on the market then. They worked with big stores around North America and also people acknowledged their good quality and professionalism and reliability.
  • After 5 years, the Skybound firm was so effective that they managed to create their own trampoline and also everything took place in 2014. Since then, they spread their deal too many various sorts of trampolines and at the moment they have greater than 15 various kinds of trampoline divided into 4 different categories.
  • Those classifications are made so that their items can fit into every house, despite who lives in it. That implies that the Skybound trampoline designs are created any ages and styles so you can be certain you can locate a trampoline that matches everyone in your household.
  • The Skybound mini trampoline models are made for children, the physical fitness models are produced people that intend to get (or stay) fit, the backyard designs are created older kids and also teens that just love to jump on trampolines and also the efficiency trampolines are produced teenagers as well as adults who are a lot more major about the entire trampoline scenario. As you can see, their models fit every sort of person so I am sure they will fit in your house as well.
  • In this Skybound trampoline evaluations, I will certainly show you all classifications and also versions there remain in their deal currently. The very best component is that I will divide them in their classifications so you can skip to the category which passions you most if you don’t wish to check out other Skybound trampoline reviews I have made.

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Efficiency Trampolines

1-SkyBound Explorer 14 Foot Round Trampoline

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

  • This is their most prominent version in the Performance Trampoline group as well as it can be found in 3 various dimensions: 12ft, 14ft, and 15 ft. The Skybound Stratos 15 feet trampoline is the biggest and one of the most preferred model. This trampoline comes with a remarkable design due to the fact that it has added posts of the net system around the trampoline.
  • This round trampoline comes with 6 U-shaped legs so you can be absolutely sure that the entire building and construction is steady regardless of where you put it. Like I have already mentioned, this trampoline features an added 12 poles on the safeguard that are made of galvanized steel for the outright safety of the person that is jumping on the trampoline.
  • Although it is a performance trampoline, children can utilize it but the age limit is 6 years old, which implies that kids under 6 years aren’t suggested (allowed) to get on the trampoline. Regardless of just how old your youngster is, don’t leave him/her not being watched on any type of trampoline on the marketplace. The weight capability on each Stratos trampoline is 330 lbs.
  • This performance trampoline as well as every size of it satisfies or even exceeds the U.S. ASTM safety and security needs so you can be certain that it is a secure product and also you can use it without worry. Similar to every other Skybound trampoline, this one includes the 10-year guarantee on the structure which is the very best proof of high quality for the trampoline construction.

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

2-Skybound Horizon Rectangular Shape Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

  • This is the only Skybound rectangular shape trampoline and it is taken into consideration the most innovative design given that rectangle trampolines are produced even more significant jumpers. The entre trampoline steps 11 × 18 feet which is ample for each athlete to practice their leaping skills. That is in fact more than 105 square feet of leaping surface area.
  • When you take a look at the trampoline, it does not look so excellent which indicates that they place the majority of their initiative in the performance of the trampoline and not the layout. That I fantastic because this trampoline is created individuals with experience so they know when there are things which could be made better.
  • You can anticipate a particular level of longevity on this trampoline as well as you would certainly be right. This trampoline can carry 500 lbs because is it actually produced a bachelor training. You can educate as tough as you can since the enclosure internet on the trampoline will maintain you inside. If you think that you can leap over the 7.5-foot high room (which is not that easy to do) after that you ought to obtain a version with a greater web, or it would certainly be far better to custom made internet due to the fact that I am not exactly sure if there is a trampoline with a higher internet than that.
  • Besides that, this trampoline is really secure and you can see that on the location of the U-shaped legs. They are spread on the edges of the trampoline, but on the longer side to prevent any type of motion. The entire framework is made from high-quality products with assistances that are welded so they won’t move an inch despite just how hard you educate on the trampoline. Fully of the trampoline meets the U.S. ASTM security demands and the frame features a 10-year guarantee.

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

3-Skybound Orion Oval Trampoline With Safeguard

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

  • Another quite excellent Skybound trampoline is the Orion collection. I would certainly claim series due to the fact that it can be found in different variations and also the only distinction is in fact the dimension of the trampoline. You can pick the dimension 11 × 16 feet or 10 × 14 feet, whichever suits you and also your yard best. They are both made with the very same capacity because they are primarily the exact same model which ability is 330 lbs.
  • The oblong trampolines are simply in the middle in between the rectangle-shaped and rounded trampolines. That suggests that they will give you a little less leaping capacity than rectangular however little bit more than round so I would certainly suggest them for athletes that aren’t that experienced or are recuperating from an injury.
  • Similar to any other version in the Skybound trampoline deal, this set also comes with the safeguard so you can totally concentrate on your exercise as well as don’t fret about the boundary where your trampoline quits. You will certainly adjust to its dimension in a couple of weeks, however the main reason why the safety net is here is that it needs to be to make sure that the trampoline can satisfy the U.S. ASTM standards. I entirely agree with their option since safety should always come first no matter what you do.
  • They know that and that is why they utilize the exact same materials for the frame as in the version over and that means this little oval trampoline additionally includes the 10-year guarantee on the structure. Every part of the frame is made with care. The 9 ″ black springs are covered with the anti-rust protection and the U-shaped legs are located on the longer sides of the trampoline for far better stability and also efficiency of the trampoline.
  • You do not have to move the trampoline inside if the weather gets bad because it is totally covered with defense versus snow, rain, wind and also even UV-rays. It feels like the only thing you need to do is construct it as well as take pleasure in.

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

Backyard Trampolines

4-Skybound Cirrus Trampoline With Complete Unit Internet System

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

  • There are just 2 models for the Backyard trampolines group as well as this is pretty impressive and also it just comes in one dimension– 14ft. Like every large round trampoline, this one comes with age limitation of 6 years that makes it a trampoline for youngsters over 6, teenagers and also adults. The layout is pretty simple, but it has a few blue details that make the entire layout POP, so it isn’t as well uninteresting in the totally black color.
  • The Cirrus trampoline comes with the safety and security unit web affixed to the trampoline by the 6 galvanized steel posts as well as the only means to enter the web is through an opening you can close with a zipper. The U-shaped legs on the trampoline are connected to the posts so it makes one huge and secure building and construction. What I like concerning this trampoline is that it comes with pockets for footwear you can affix to among the legs. It keeps the footwear tidy and also completely dry if the turf is wet, which is quite terrific.
  • Given that it is a backyard trampoline, you would presume that you can leave it outside all year around as well as you would certainly be right. This trampoline includes weather-resistant foam which is checked as well as the result is that it can last 2-3 times longer than a few other foams on trampolines. They made that foam with a special combination of vinyl PVC material which makes it long-term.
  • I assume that the most significant benefit of every Skybound trampoline is the quality of the construction because this frame also features the 10-year guarantee so you and also your household can take pleasure in the trampoline for a minimum of a years. Besides that, the trampoline additionally meets the U.S. ASTM safety demands in every element so you can be certain that it is a secure item.

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

5-Skybound Atmos Trampoline With Complete Unit Web System

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

  • Another yard trampoline is Atmos, an octagonal shape trampoline that is available in just one dimension– 8ft, yet in 2 colors– blue and also black. This set has some resemblances with the models above, but it doesn’t have some essential function they have. That is quite visible on the price given that this model is among the cheapest trampolines in their offer but in a big trampoline group.
  • The Atmos comes with the unit internet system that is gotten in touch with 8 galvanized steel poles to the trampoline building, however it doesn’t have U-shaped legs like other models. This version features normal legs, but it is a rather steady system even without U-shape legs. I such as that the entire building looks pretty good and that the legs have broader bases for far better stability.
  • The trampoline features the 175 lb weight capacity which is half the capability of other models, however it is a much smaller version also so it is not unexpected. The entire structure, the safety net, and also the pads are UV immune and you can leave it outside all year, but I would suggest utilizing a cover for the trampoline because it will maintain it in the very best shape much longer. I don’t suggest it just for this version, I advise it for every single model on the market.
  • Although it is not as large as other Skybound versions, this trampoline meets the UNITED STATE safety requirements so you can be sure that the top quality of the product is good. This set doesn’t come with the 10-year framework warranty, but it does have the Skybound industry leading guarantee.

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

Health and fitness Trampolines

6-Nimbus Physical Fitness Rebounder Trampoline

  • The Nimbus Rebounder is the only major model in this category, yet it is available in 4 various versions so you can anticipate that it will fit your needs perfectly. The rebounder is great exercise tools that will keep you in terrific form without making you as well tired or too sore after you are finished with the workout.
  • The primary version has the jumping floor covering which is constructed from heavy-duty elastic bungee cords so you can be sure that every dive you make will certainly be 100% regulated and also risk-free. Just keep in mind, like every version, this set additionally includes the weight capacity and it is 250 pounds. That is not a handful because most of the rebounder users are ladies.
  • This small trampoline features 6 legs that maintain the entire jumping surface stable throughout every workout you can imagine. The legs as well as the structure are made from steel so you can be certain it will certainly last a long time and also you can exercise inside or outside, anywhere you prefer.
  • As I have actually already mentioned, this design is available in various variation and also those variations are in fact virtually similar to this model, however with couple of upgrades.
  • The initial version is a Nimbus Rebounder which includes a take care of so you can order on it throughout workout.
  • The 2nd version coincides Nimbus Rebounder, yet with the trampoline, you will certainly obtain a nylon lugging bag.
  • The last version is in fact a mix of first and second versions considering that it is a Nimbus rebounder that comes with a take care of and also a carrying bag.

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

Children Trampolines

7-SkyBound Super 7 Child’s Trampoline

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

  • The Skybound trampoline is made for youngsters as well as you can see that by the size of the trampoline as well as the vibrant colors on it. The poles remain in blue shades, the legs are orange and also the black internet has yellow details on it. The only point that is standard is the black jumping mat.
  • The trampoline includes the safeguard although it is not that high from the ground so you can see that they considered the security as much as efficiency. Every part of the trampoline is covered with foam and that is why it is so vivid. The foam prevents your youngsters from encountering the steel frame or poles hence avoiding injuries.
  • This fascinating trampoline has a hexagonal form which is not so typical in child’s trampolines. The web on the trampoline comes with a double zipper so your kids can play within without the fear of falling out.
  • What I do not like concerning this trampoline is that the springtimes are inside the unit. The much safer style is to put them beyond the internet. But, the advantage is that they are covered with really thick padding so your youngster can walk on them without getting hurt.
  • The weight restriction of this Skybound 7 trampoline is 105lbs which is ample for a kid. 3 orange legs make certain that the trampoline is secure and also thanks to its design it can be made use of inside as well as outside. If you want to place it outside I would recommend you to take it inside throughout bad climate because it is not entirely weather-proof like outdoor trampolines.

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews

8-EOS Oval Children Sensory Mini Trampoline

SkyBound Children's Mini Indoor Trampoline with Handle (Kids with ADHD, Autism & Sensory Needs), Teal Blue
  • Superior safety: We love a good time at SkyBound USA, but we don't kid around when it comes to safety. The egos trampoline includes two removable foam-covered handlebars for balance and support, a thick PVC safety pad, and our patent-pending safety mat skirt.
  • Dual-welded frame: our dual-welded frame is designed to be the strongest and safest trampoline frame (under 4 ft) for sensory needs children in the industry. The weight of the frame keeps the trampoline level and stable during use.
  • Developmental growth: when it comes to our trampolines for toddlers, it's more than fun and games. Hopping around on a trampoline helps boost their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and balance.

  • The following youngsters trampoline I intend to reveal you is oval in shape as well as it is created toddlers. This tiny trampoline will assist your youngster establish electric motor abilities, hand to eye control and also equilibrium. As you can see, it is created toddlers and also it includes 2 handles so your child can get onto it no matter where he/she is facing.
  • There are 2 foams on handlebars for your youngster’s protection and the safety and security pad is constructed from thick PVC so you can’t tear it up that conveniently. The security around the jumping surface area is in fact their very own product as well as it is patent-pending design.
  • This certain model comes with a dual-welded structure which makes it among the best trampolines for children on the marketplace. Additionally, as you can see, it doesn’t come with legs, it has that 2nd framework placed as a base so you can be absolutely sure it will not tip over no matter what your child does.
  • The most significant advantage of this sort of trampoline is that you can lug it around with you. Well, you do not have to bother with making it damp since this tiny trampoline has water-resistant feet which you can quickly remove and clean if your youngster intends to go inside and also play.
  • I make certain that your kid will love the trampoline due to the fact that it is made particularly for kids so it is an entirely risk-free product, but ensure that you are around your kid when the trampoline remains in use to avoid any type of feasible mishaps that can occur.

skybound trampoline stratoscirrusatoms parts for sale reviews


  • Similar to every significant brand, Skybound deals a big deal of various replacement components so you can be sure that you will certainly find what you need in their deal. To name a few things, you can discover replacement mats, webs, pads, as well as springs which will certainly make your trampoline resemble new.
  • But, besides substitute components, Skybound likewise offers you accessories that can make your whole jumping experience better and also less complicated. Among the most prominent accessories are the ladders or the support package that will see to it that your trampoline stays where you have actually installed it regardless of how bad the weather is. If you do not discover the substitute component in their offer you can have a look at the universal trampoline parts provide as well and also you can start in my post.


  • If you are searching for a sturdy trampoline with a high bounce after that I would certainly advise the Skybound Stratos trampoline, yet if you are looking for a yard trampoline after that I would certainly say that the most effective option for you is the Skybound Cirrus trampoline for your backyard.
  • Yet, if you are on the hunt for something simpler and more affordable, check out my list of economical trampolines or small trampolines you can place within and also outside.
  • If you aren’t sure what to do then I highly recommend you to browse my listing of ideal trampolines because you can discover there what you are trying to find.

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