October 22, 2020

Little Tikes Trampoline Reviews In 2020

Little Tikes Trampoline Reviews

Little Tikes Trampoline Reviews

The development of young children needs a variety of recreational activities, depending on which activities parents will choose the useful tools for their children to use. So to find a safe solution that still ensures the safety of babies is the most essential but still gives them fun to exercise and exercise. Then try dancing and playing on the trampoline to exercise. This is really a great way for your child to increase his activity level even at home, he will act as a way of exercise and extremely safe. Trampolines for children play as a fun game of general and this will be a way to improve activity without having to force exercise.

As you all know, Little Tikes is famous for its children’s products and toys so when you are a parent, you should first research and devote yourself to making a purchasing decision for their children. We have the best baby play products. What we wonder is whether these mattresses are safe for babies to play with, are they child-friendly, whether this is something our kids really want to play. Let’s take a look at the following little tikes trampoline reviews products that we will introduce to you.

Top little tikes trampoline reviews

1. Skywalker Trampolines 40” Mini Bouncer


The Skywalker mini trampoline comes with a themed carpet your child will love. The structure of the carpet also has a cushion to ensure comfort and safety for your baby when playing. More specifically, the zipper on the side ensures easy access to the trampoline. It also has a soft cushion to protect your children when they come in and out. When you look at the warranty information, this is a product with a 1-year warranty for frames and 90 days for materials so you can be assured of the quality that the product offers. In addition, the structure of The mini trampoline Skywalker also has handrails around that your child can use to keep his balance while jumping, the nets sewn directly onto the dance mat so you won’t have to worry about any gaps. The material of the dance mat is made of anti-slip material for enhanced safety. In addition, the lower part of the trampoline is also surrounded by a frame to ensure children do not get underneath or objects that could injure your child while jumping, ensuring everyone’s safety at all times. It uses an extension cord instead of a spring, thus eliminating the worry your child gets clamped or tangled on springs. Skywalker’s trampoline would be the best option if you want your kids to be able to use it both indoors and outdoors. Because this is a product that comes with tools that can be used both indoors and outdoors, the dance mat is still safe.

The plus points:

  • The product has a feature of tension instead of spring-like other trampoline products.
  • There is a net enclosure in the lower part to help ensure the safety of the player.
  • Comes with a padded handrail.
  • Solid steel construction for high product retention and material quality.

The minus points:

  •  It is possible to store and assemble without specialized tools.

2. Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline


The Jump N ‘Dunk trampoline comes with a basketball ring and ball to entertain them when they’re not dancing. The canvas has a soft ring and cushion to ensure your child is safe while playing. Moreover, it is the ability to provide voluminous dance surfaces that help young children more enjoy playing in them. Not only provides a spacious surface but also very convenient for babies to play.

In addition, the color of the product is also very diverse, the product provides you with up to 6 colors, so when choosing you will have more options for your baby without having to worry much. The size of the product is perfect for any backyard where you want to place it for convenient play. About warranty information products have a long warranty period, up to 3 years warranty on frames and 1 year on materials so you can be completely assured. The trampoline comes with a net frame that prevents your child from falling while jumping or while playing. The mesh structure attached to each trampoline leaves no gaps, eliminating the possibility of pinch points and gaps. In addition, you can rest assured that the net also has a double-closed net with a latch system that keeps your child safe while playing on the trampoline. The net holding stakes are designed quite high to prevent children from falling and hitting the piles.

Skywalker’s Jump N ‘Dunk trampoline has a T-shaped base design so you can be sure it will support your child without bending. Rust-proof material is the material that makes up the T-legs to ensure a durable structure that will give your child years of service. If you are looking for a versatile outdoor trampoline that won’t take up a lot of space in your backyard, this is the best option. It comes with a basketball hoop that allows your child to do more than just dance. It’s easy to set up and features a lovely design that will be a great addition to your backyard.

The plus points:

  • Comes with mesh to help ensure user safety when jumping on the trampoline.
  • Easy to assemble and use with simple and easy steps.
  • Offer six different color options for your choice if you want more choices.

The minus points:

  • Not as stable as other larger models

3. Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net


The product has a mesh enclosure sewn directly onto the dance mat, eliminating gaps to help babies when jumping does not fall out and ensure the play process of the baby is safe. All products are tested for safety and durability to meet or exceed all ASTM standards before being marketed for use by the consumer. So you feel secure about safety as well as the ability to ensure safety indicators when using. When children play such products, they will promote their full ability and develop more for the baby. Introduce young children to an active, happy lifestyle. This mini trampoline provides a great way for your little kids to burn energy, improve coordination, and improve new activity learning skills. In addition, fun baby designs will add extra excitement as the product has moons and stars jumping onto the carpet with a variety of spatial sounds that sync up with your baby as they dance. The product’s warranty period is up to 3 years for the frame and 1 year limited on all other materials. This 40 “circular trampoline is designed for indoor use only. Expansion strips are used instead of springs to protect your child’s joints.

The plus points:

  • There is a mesh siege sewn directly onto the dance mat, removing gaps to prevent jumping children from falling out.
  • The product’s warranty period is up to 3 years for the frame and 1 year limited on all other materials.

The minus points:

  • Not as stable as other larger models
  • This 40 “circular trampoline is designed for indoor use only.

4. ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder


This is a product that is definitely suitable for those who are not used to repeating. Product ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder is easy to assemble and store during use. You will be quite surprised that they can be easily installed in just a very short time, you only need less than 10 minutes to complete the assembly for the trampoline. Plus, you can easily fold and compact and place them anywhere in your home, be it for convenient storage or outdoor use, without wasting your space.

In terms of product design, rest assured because they have a safe design because the Ativafit trampoline comes with a very useful handle to prevent your child from falling off the trampoline, which is very safe for children when using. And with high elastic spring, protect children from injury caused by falling on a trampoline. When you let young children play with trampoline it comes in a great deal of help Help increase bone density as well as control and coordinate muscles, help children grow, improve circulation and reduce the child’s obesity, help parents and children become more intimate. Those are the huge benefits that this product can bring to your kids’ thanks to these useful motor activities. Add to that the set of products that fold in and move very easily and conveniently. You can easily fold and be designed to fit into small spaces in the gym or at home. Its convenient size allows you to carry it from one place to another without the hassle. In terms of quality, the material that makes up the canvas is very good, made of heavy frame, PP dance mat, PVC safety pad, stainless steel spring, rubber leg, and foam handle.

The plus points:

  • The assembly time is very short, less than 10 minutes, it is possible to complete the assembly for the trampoline.
  • Safe design because of the Ativafit trampoline.
  • Easily folded and designed to fit small spaces.
  • The quality of the material that makes up the spring canvas is very good, made of heavy frame, PP dance mat, PVC safety cushion cover, stainless steel spring, rubber legs, and foam handle.

The minus points:

  • In some products, a vacuum is definitely brittle.

5. The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Kids Trampoline


With The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Kids Trampoline product, you will not have to spend a lot of time sorting through the selection of items to assemble. The assembly is quick and easy when it only takes 5 minutes to complete the job. Unscrew your trampoline – Screw in the leg – Attach the handle – Bounce – Repeat. The work of the steps is very easy, right. It is also very convenient for you to disassemble them for the sake of arrangement. When you need to disassemble them when not in use or want a tidier space, you can easily disassemble them and ready to move or store. This is also a product like other trampoline products that are very effective in promoting your child’s natural development and can help children with very good effects in treating children’s autism. Can help children with ADHD and autistic children drain their natural rich energy when they play sports activities on the trampoline. In terms of product quality standards, you should be completely assured that the product meets the current US safety standards by ASTM Safety 1, 2, and 3, plus HR4040. In addition, the product has the structure of a circular safety pad that attaches easily to increase safety when children play on it. With such trampoline products, they are quite small in size suitable for indoor play because they are only 36 “.

The plus points:

  • They are easily removable and ready to be moved or stored.
  • The great effect in promoting the child’s development naturally and can help the child have very good effects on the treatment of a child’s autism.
  • Meets current US safety standards by ASTM Safety 1, 2, and 3 certifications, plus HR4040.

The minus points:

  • The size is quite small suitable for indoor play as they are only 36 “.

What are you looking for?

To be able to buy the best products for your baby to serve the fun process, you should keep these factors in mind when looking to buy a Little Tykes Trampoline.


The crashes when playing are something that parents always put the first priority, so choosing a spring mattress with high safety is indispensable. So you will want to choose a trampoline that is completely safe and has some safety features that most spring mattresses must-have. The net will prevent children from falling or accidentally jumping. For trampolines of any size, cushioning is the next important factor. Metal parts of the trampoline, especially springs, can be sharp or coarse, and it’s also important to have a thick mattress around them.


 You should choose the spring mattress that suits the needs of your family, the ones with trampoline will be best for your personal situation. There are different types that will serve the needs of many different users. An idea out of the box turns a regular trampoline into a jungle gym or adds slides and ladders that create more activity and keep kids excited for longer.


This is an issue to keep in mind when choosing spring mattresses, especially for younger children, as they are usually more suitable and intended for older children. If you choose a trampoline that is too large, it will make it harder for a child to climb up and sit up high, which can be more frightening. So it’s best to find a trampoline that you feel your baby can grow into.

Indoors or outdoors

Indoor spring mattresses are smaller and more compact than outdoor ones, so they are suitable for small children to play indoors. However, for the indoor type, they are also less bouncing, but in general, they are quite easy to assemble and move.

For outdoor spring mattresses, they are rather large and cumbersome and require more tools to be installed. Because of their heavyweight, they are difficult to move if you need to move them. Outdoor mattresses are usually made of heavy metal or plastic. Hence safety features are included with a mesh system that prevents it from falling out.

Trampoline accessories


Providing a safe trampoline is always something parents are always concerned about. When children play and turn up too high, the impact strength of the canvas must be very solid. They must, therefore, provide a fully enclosed trampoline, preventing your child from jumping over the trampoline.


This will help make it safer for your child to play on the trampoline.


For an extra layer of comfort and safety, you might consider buying an extra trampoline. Other accessories include anchors, covers, and ladders. Most of these accessories allow you to customize your trampoline and make it as comfortable and secure as you would like.


Little tikes trampoline is both a tool for your child to have fun and still be able to help them exercise safely. This helps young children to freely play and have many active activities, helping to develop comprehensively. After reading the little tikes trampoline reviews products that we mention, you must have the necessary information to be able to choose the products that are the best and most suitable for your child. The most important thing to keep in mind is our responsibility when choosing our products and making sure to avoid any trampoline-related injuries belonging to both the children and the surrounding adult and any possible injuries. You can completely avoid it if people carefully learn the information and use the instructions correctly. Hope the information we give you is really useful for your concerns, please follow other articles for more useful product information.