how to measure trampoline

How To Measure A Trampoline

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How To Measure A Trampoline

How to Measure Your Trampoline – When Buying a Replacement Trampoline Mat

When it comes to trampolines there are a number of measurements you need, to ensure the parts you purchase are the correct size. This page is developed to aid you get the right measurements as well as ensure that you are ordering the best component.

Trampoline is available in different sizes


For Trampoline Safety Netting:

Measure your Frame size, from outdoors edge to outside side of the metal frame, across the best part of the trampoline (size of frame). Count the variety of room posts, inspect the poles – Are your posts right? – How many, 6 or 8?

Our universal substitute trampoline nettings envelope over straight poles and include zip as well as clip openings for ideal safety and security (unless or else specified) as we periodically have some less costly options without zip, this will certainly be plainly stated in the product description.

For Replacement Trampoline Poles:

We currently stock 2 main sizes of straight trampoline replacement poles. One that matches an 8 foot trampoline as well as a much longer one that matches all other sizes, 10, 12, 13 and also 14 foot trampolines. Our poles come total with foam extra padding around them and also their very own braces that fix to the trampoline leg at the ideal height for your nettings.

To guarantee the post will fit your trampoline:

Examine that your posts are straight ones that affix to the outside of the trampoline. You might likewise determine the elevation of your trampoline from the ground to the structure and then from the frame to the top of the netting to exercise if the pole length will certainly fit.

For Enclosure Systems with Netting and also Poles:

The outside frame needs to be gauged; you also need to evaluate the feet of the trampoline to see the amount of legs it has, to work out the number of post uprights you require. We can then offer you with an ideal established together with netting as well as a number of poles needed.

For Trampoline Frame:

Action your Frame dimension, from outside edge to outside edge of steel structure, across the widest part of the trampoline (diameter of structure).

For Replacement Padding:

For Replacement Padding (the part that covers the springs) gauge your structure dimension, from outside edge to outside side of metal framework, across the largest part of the trampoline (size of the framework). Usually, the structure is close to an even foot quantity (8, 10, 12, 13, and 14 foot, and so on) so as long as it is within 2 inches you should be alright. For example, a trampoline that measures 12′ 10″ would have the ability to use a 13 feet Safety Pad. Trampoline Padding Sizes we stock are 8, 10, 12, 13, and 14 foot.

For Jump Mats:

To appropriately determine the Jump Mat, you require to determine the frame dimension of your trampoline. You also need to measure the springtime size of your springs from hook to hook guaranteeing it is not extended. The most typical lengths are 5.5 inches or 7 inches. We can currently supply dive mats for 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot, 13 foot as well as 14-foot trampolines in either 5.5 inch or 7-inch spring dimensions. The variety of eyelets on your mat can be counted additionally nonetheless if this number differs by a few or perhaps up to 8 or 10 from global substitute you can simply area the springs out as well as it will still be an effective substitute fitting.

how to measure a trampoline

Step 1


The dimension of a rounded trampoline is gauged by the size of the metal structure (not the leaping surface).

  • To discover the size of your round trampoline, start at the external metal side of the trampoline.
  • Procedure right throughout to the contrary side, to the outer metal side of the trampoline. (See photo).
  • Then measure the frame size again, yet action vertical to where you just measured. (See picture).
  • Take the standard of the 2 dimensions, and that should be your approximate trampoline dimension.
  • Determining two times by doing this will help make certain that you get an exact dimension in case the structure is bent or harmed, or the trampoline is not sitting on a degree ground.
  • Essential: Frame ought to only be gauged if all the springs are appropriately attached and the jumping surface is correctly mounted.

Keep in mind: Our round trampolines just can be found in 10 foot, 12 foot, 14-foot diameters. If your trampoline is a different dimension, after that your trampoline is not a JumpSport ® or AlleyOOP ® Sports trampoline.

Action 2:

Count the Number of V-Rings on Your Old Mat.

It’s simple to get lost when counting the variety of v-rings on your trampoline mat. To conserve you time as well as aggravation, it’s ideal to note your beginning point. The total variety of v-rings on a trampoline mat can usually be divided by 12, such as 72 and also 96, although this is not constantly real.

Vital: We highly suggest recounting at the very least 2 or 3 times. If you don’t have your old mat, you can likewise count the number of holes along the top rail of your trampoline framework.

Locate your trampoline’s size in feet by measuring across the steel frame from the external side to the opposite external edge.

It is best to envision your trampoline as a clock from a top-down view as well as take 2 measurements– one from the 12 to 6 o’clock placement and also a second from the 3 to 9 o’clock placement. The standard of these 2 dimensions is your trampoline structure’s approximate size. Often, you can round to the closest foot. For instance, if you obtain a measurement of 13 feet 11 inches, you can assemble to 14 feet.

Crucial: Do not determine your mat because trampoline mats extend gradually.

Step 3:

Measure the Length of Your Springs.

Get rid of 3 or even more derive from your trampoline and also measure them from hook-end to hook-end. The average of these 3 springtimes is your springtime size.

Vital: Your springtimes need to be entirely unstretched. In order to guarantee your springtimes are not stretched, you ought to not be able to slide a piece of paper between the coils. If a spring you are trying to gauge is stretched, do not include this spring in your measurement as small distinctions can create enormous troubles down the line. Under gauging your springs will trigger even more tension than your new replacement mat was designed for causing premature tearing. Over measuring your springtimes will lead to a new mat that feels “saggy” with an awful bounce top quality.

The security unit posts or arches are defined by the poles that expand vertically above the leaping surface area of your trampoline mat. Simply count the variety of safety enclosure poles or safety enclosure arcs on your trampoline.


If your trampoline foot or rail is larger than 1 11/16 inch in diameter yet less than 2 inches, you need to get the wider u-shaped bolts that you will certainly need to acquire to ensure that the unit poles fit. screwed.

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