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Best Enclosure 7ft Trampoline Reviews

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Reviews Merax 7ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Merax’s new enclosed kids’ trampoline reviewed. They praise its safety and quality. We were pleased with the trampoline’s design.

7ft Junior Jumper Trampoline is galvanized inside and out to prevent corrosion. Colorful and durable, featuring colorful plastic moldings on the trampoline legs. Steel frame galvanized inside and out to prevent corrosion

Merax 7ft Kids Trampoline

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Pure Fun 7ft Kids Trampoline with Enclosure is big-time fun. The 7-foot, the enclosed jumping area is sturdy and offers the proper amount of bounce for young jumpers. The all-around safety net and cushioned frame keep youngsters safe. Pure Fun 7′ trampoline includes a tic-tac-toe mat, chalk, and chalk container. Kids may play tic-tac-toe or doodle on the game mat during downtime. A damp towel or hose may clean the mat. This 2-in-1 trampoline play station provides your kid with physical and imaginative play possibilities.

Use Indoors or Out: Your Children Will Love This 7-Foot Trampoline That Includes a Safety Enclosure and a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe!, Pure Fun 7ft Kids Trampoline with Enclosure + Tic-Tac-Toe is here, and it’s time for some serious trampoline action! The jumping area is 7 feet tall, completely enclosed, and made from extra-durable material, making it ideal for young jumpers. Your kids will be protected by the substantial padding and the safety net enclosure on all sides.


  • A long-lasting, sewn-in spring pad protects against pinching from the spring and impact.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe jump mat and sidewalk chalk included.
  • Use it inside or out thanks to the thick, UV-resistant, protected spring cushion and the enclosing poles.
  • Complete with 36 high-performance, galvanized steel springs for maximum bounce.
  • All the necessary certifications have been met: ASTM, TUV/GS, and CE.


  • Built with waterproof cushioning to avoid falls and injuries when jumping.
  • The trampoline’s steel frame and base are powder coated for durability.
  • Easy to install, solid-looking Kids-safe construction
  • The trampoline’s EPE foam cushioning around the poles ensures children’s safety. The leaping area is surrounded by elastic PE mesh with a sturdy zipper to keep the baby safe.


  • Heavier jumpers may run the risk of bottoming out


  • Outdoor use only
  • Please permit a 2-meter buffer zone for a safety.
  • Warning: not for children under 36 months due to tiny components and potential for choking or falling.
  • Adult assembly required
  • Continuous adult monitoring is essential.

Game Board for Tic-Tac-Toe

The surface of the Pure Fun 7 FT trampoline can be used for a game of tic-tac-toe, and the set comes with both chalk and a holder for the chalk. If the youngsters need a break, they may play tic-tac-toe or doodle on the mat. You may quickly and simply clean the mat with water from a hose or a moist towel. Your youngster will have a blast all day with this trampoline that doubles as a play structure.


7ft36 steel springs, Even for kids’ trampolines, 8ft and higher is common. It’s not too tiny and can fit one person. But older youngsters and teens shouldn’t use it. It’s tiny enough to use inside, which is good. If this trampoline is too little, try big brother.


The PP mesh mat is 6.75 feet long. Manufacturers couldn’t verify stitch count, but it may be 4. 2-to-6-year-olds The 6.7 x 7-foot trampoline comes with a spring-loading tool for quick construction. Steel frame with blow-molded plastic support. Short-term, the frame shouldn’t rust.
The bounce is firm and responsive. 36 galvanized steel springs make this little trampoline bounce.

Merax 7-foot trampoline frame enclosure

The mesh casing is zipped. Children are safe on this trampoline since they can’t easily fall off or land on the ground. The poles are cushioned to prevent collision with the frame, and the springs are covered with robust padding, which could be thicker since the netting alone is too near to the metal frame. Make sure padding covers the whole frame.


Assembly is simple. It can be done alone in two hours. You should be able to do it yourself, even if you’re less talented. The trampoline is geared for youngsters, so the warranty does not surprise us — they recommend a 100-lb weight restriction, and any damage caused by someone heavier is not covered. We think the trampoline can securely hold 200 lbs. We don’t advocate trying it; follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Merax has created an excellent little trampoline for children. The plastic cushions and case had a nice, bright design that we like. Children may use the trampoline without risk, and the bounce is satisfactory. They should find it to be to their great satisfaction. The springs and housing should resist corrosion for a long time to come. Given that it was designed with kids in mind, the trampoline’s low suggested weight restriction is a bit of a mystery. Nothing about the trampoline is particularly remarkable or innovative, but it serves its intended job well and is well-built, so we recommend it.

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