Bounce Pro Trampoline & Parts Reviews

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Bounce Pro Trampoline & Parts Reviews
  • Bounce Pro trampoline is one more brand name that produces trampolines and also it is really a part of the Sportspower LTD trampoline brand. So you can call it Bounce Pro by Sportspower. The Sportspower brand was established around 1992. That indicates that they are on the market for more than two decades and that means a point or more concerning the quality of their products.
  • When it involves Jump Pro, you can be sure that their products will certainly satisfy you and your youngsters. Their items are produced by youngsters, teens. As well as grownups and every single version of those trampolines will give you a wonderful leaping experience. They intended to show youngsters just how terrific it is to have a trampoline. That is why they made a few smaller sized trampolines easily called the Bounce Pro my initial trampoline, for young children and kids.
  • If you are looking for a big or small trampoline, absolutely look into my Bounce Pro trampoline testimonials below. Because they can assist you to see if the Bounce Pro trampoline versions are for your household or not. Since their products are made with top quality materials. I think that you can not go wrong with them.

Our Top Picks


1-Bounce Pro 15-Foot Trampoline

  • The Bounce Pro 15ft trampoline with enclosure is made in an environment-friendly and also black shade mix, although you can locate blue and also black shade combinations also once in a while. It is a huge trampoline that features the enclosure internet throughout the leaping floor covering so you can be certain that no person will certainly befall by mishap.
  • The entire building is from galvanized steel as well as the leaping mat is supported by 6 U-shape legs. So you can be sure it is stable building and construction. The weld is made in a special trademarked double-steel-plated concept that makes it extremely durable and thick. The whole weight capability is around 500 lbs. That is great but it is natural for a big trampoline similar to this.
  • The truth that I like most is that the leaping mat is separated from the springs with the room. That suggests you can not get hurt on the springs in any way. Yet, to be added certain the manufacturers made Bouncepro 15 trampoline combo. And also included one more security attribute. That is a thick safety cushioning above the springs so you can not see them and you can’t touch them, only from below.
  • Besides having good weight capability and galvanized steel building and construction. This trampoline has another point which is the capturing game. So, this is actually a Bounce Pro trampoline with an electron shooter and you can be certain that. This video game will maintain your youngsters captivated for hrs. It includes 3 targets and a shooter. But you need to obtain your own batteries for it to function.

bounce pro trampoline parts reviews


2-Bounce Pro 14ft Trampoline and Enclosure

  • The next model I wish to show you is a standard round Bounce Pro trampoline that comes in various sizes as well as shades. I will certainly concentrate on the most preferred shade and one of the most prominent dimensions. That fits most yards which indicates it will probably fit your backyard also.
  • As you can picture from this 14-foot Bounce pro trampoline with unit, it is entirely made from good quality materials. The frame, the legs, as well as the posts that hold the enclosure in place, are all made from rust-resistant galvanized steel. So you can leave the trampoline outside the entire year without bothering with the weather condition. The poles that hold the enclosure are connected to the W-shaped legs which boosts the general security of the trampoline. So you can be certain that this trampoline will hold adults as much as it would certainly hold teens.
  • The weight capacity of the trampoline is around 300 lbs, so you can jump on it and feel like a youngster. The galvanized steel springs will see to it that the jumping floor covering provides great leaping experience. Besides posts and frames, you will certainly rejoice to hear that the enclosure netting and also the leaping mat are likewise made of UV resistant materials. So they will certainly last a long time.
  • There would certainly be no leaping experience if the trampoline really did not have springs. However, springtimes can be hazardous due to the fact that your leg can get stuck in between them which is something you don’t wish to experience. So, to prevent that, cover the springs with a safety pad that features the trampoline. And also you don’t need to be afraid that you will obtain harmed on the springs.

bounce pro trampoline parts reviews

3-Bounce Pro 7ft Trampoline – My First Trampoline For Children

Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net, 48 - Inch, Red
  • SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY: All of our products are tested for safety and durability to meet or exceed all American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards, so your children can play worry-free.
  • DESIGN: This mini trampoline features 30 bungees instead of steel springs for a design with safety in mind. A 360-degree padded handlebar offers stability for your little jumper, and the enclosure net is sewn directly to the jump mat, eliminating gaps.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY KIDS: Introduces young kids to a fun, active lifestyle. This mini trampoline provides a great way for your little ones to burn off energy, improve coordination and develop gross motor skills.
  • EDUCATIONAL PLAY: This mini trampoline features an interactive zoo animal-themed jump mat to encourage learning while at play. The jump mat with monkey, zebra, and elephant images will help your children learn animal recognition.

  • The first thing your kid will notice is that the trampoline is very vibrant. It is available in a combination of blue, environment-friendly, yellow and black shades. There are a couple of various other mixes, relying on the trampoline as well as the store. There is one more My initial trampoline 84″ design which is very similar to this and also it is made by Sportswear.
  • The products utilized on this trampoline are of good quality. The framework and the poles that hold the enclosure around the leaping mat are made of a rust-resistant galvanized steel framework which suggests that they are durable and that they can endure all the climate condition. I would recommend you to keep it inside since it is not too heavy to carry inside during winter. Also, your kids can play on it inside too.
  • The legs are another story. They aren’t made of rust-resistant galvanized steel, but they are made of extra durable plastic that is thick enough to keep the entire trampoline in one place during heavy-duty jumping sessions your children will enjoy.
  • The enclosure on the trampoline surrounds the entire jumping mat and it is made of durable UV resistant materials, like the jumping mat itself. Your child can enter the enclosure through the opening on and once your kid is inside you can close the zipper which will prevent your kid from falling out of the enclosure.

bounce pro trampoline parts reviews

Other Version of Bounce Pro 7ft Trampoline – My First Trampoline For Children

4-Bounce Pro My First Jump And Swing

  • There is one interesting action with this Bounce Pro My first trampoline model. You can get the trampoline with a swing set attached to it so one of your kids can swing while others can jump on it. This great offer is not hard to find.

bounce pro trampoline parts reviews

5-Bounce Pro 55? My First Trampoline

  • Another My first trampoline model that you would love to give to your toddler is this green/yellow/black trampoline, which is smaller than the model I have reviewed above. This little trampoline is made for smaller kids and it will make sure that your kids are safe inside.
  • The model is much smaller than the previous kid’s trampoline mentioned in the Bounce Pro trampoline reviews, which means that it is recommended for one kid at a time. The recommended age for this trampoline is 4-8 years and it comes with the 100 lbs weight capacity.
  • When it comes to materials, there are no surprises. The frame of the trampoline is made of rust-resistant galvanized steel and the poles that hold the enclosure around the jumping mat are made with special foam that will keep them soft from top to bottom.
  • The enclosure system on the trampoline is made of UV resistant material, just like the jumping mat on the trampoline. The mat comes with a drawing in the center which will help your kid see where he has to jump to stay in the middle of the trampoline.
  • There is another net on the trampoline, but this one is located below the jumping mat. That net prevents your kid or your pet from entering below the jumping mat. Also, your kid can’t store toys below the jumping mat which means that he can’t get hurt in any way.
  • Having My first trampoline means that your kids aren’t familiar with the trampoline and how to act around it. That is why there are so many safety measures around these trampolines, to keep your kids happy and safe.

bounce pro trampoline parts reviews



  • Bounce Pro trampolines are good, but they aren’t the best. I would recommend the Bounce Pro 14 foot trampoline with enclosure because it is smaller than the 15ft model so it can fit in smaller yards too.
  • When it comes to quality, they are almost equal. Also, the Bounce Pro My First Trampoline is a great choice for kid’s trampolines too.
  • If you are looking for a heavy-duty trampoline-like rectangle trampoline or maybe a smaller version of a kid’s trampoline– a toddler trampoline, check out my post about best trampolines and you will find what you are looking for.

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