best trampoline mat material based on expert judgment

Best Trampoline Mat Material 2024 According to Expert Assessment

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One must know precisely what it is they want before they can go out and get it. This necessitates thinking about things like cost, usefulness, and quality. After giving these considerations, the person may limit their alternatives and make a selection.

It’s not always easy to figure out what service or item is ideal for you in a world full of options. Choosing among the various options available on the market is challenging.

Here, we’ve rounded together great alternatives to the finest trampoline mats on the market and described why they’re worthy of your consideration. Click through our shopping guide to choose one of these superb alternatives.

Top 5 best trampoline mat materials our

1. Skywalker Trampolines Round Jump Mat

Round Jump Mat for Skywalker Trampolines, This Skywalker Trampolines Jump mat is a great way to refresh your trampoline. The mat is constructed from high-quality materials that are resistant to weather and ultraviolet rays, and it is woven so that it will not slide about. This jumping mat was created to provide the highest level of quality and fit for your Skywalker trampoline. Find out which models we’re compatible with by clicking here. We’ve made sure that our goods are safe and durable by making sure that they meet or surpass all ASTM criteria.

Features: The weaving construction of the jump mat serves to minimize the risk of falls. When used with the supplied enclosure net and springs, the integrated strengthened V-rings make installation a breeze.

Material: UV-protected polypropylene is woven with anti-slip yarns to make the material.

The following models are all supported: SWTC15BLR, SWOP15N, SWOPSA15N, SWJD15X.1,SWOP15X,SWOPJDX, SWTC1500, SWTC151, and SWTC15P.


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Product information:

  • Brand Name: ‎Skywalker Trampolines
  • Material UV-protected polypropylene
  • Color Grey
  • Shape Round
  • Frame Size 12 Feet
  • Product Dimensions 144″L x 1″W x 144″H
  • Manufacturer ‎Skywalker Holdings, LLC
  • Part Number ‎CK7027

NOTE: Please check the dimensions of your trampoline to ensure you get the correct Genuine Component. A white tag, enclosure net tag, or spring pad tag will have your model number written on them. Make sure it’s compatible with your model before buying, and remember that springs are not included. Only goods bought from an authorized retailer of Skywalker Trampolines will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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2. SkyBound Premium Trampoline Replacement Mat

Replacement Mat for 14-Foot SkyBound Trampolines, UV Sunguard for Longer Lasting Stitching, Durable V-Rings, and Extra Rows of Stitching to Keep You Safe When You Jump. Replacing the mat on a trampoline might be difficult if you have to order it online. Check out the “How to Measure” videos on SkyBound’s website, or read on for more info on the item in question.

Extra strength sun guard material: SkyBound premium trampoline mats are constructed with more intricacy, durability, and high-grade materials. The stitching goes first. SkyBound’s Sunguard material changes that. With heavy-duty essential stitching, your mat is UV-protected. Sunguard may extend trampoline mat life by up to 50%.

Product dimensions: Mat width: Size: 144-inch mat width; 96 rings; 14-foot trampoline frame compatibility; 8.5-inch springs (springs not included)

Bounce higher for longer: Increase your trampoline’s bounce. Our V-Rings are made with thicker, stronger steel. This makes them the world’s longest-lasting mats. So jump hard on your SkyBound premium replacement mat!

Warranty Policy: SkyBound’s Premium Replacement Mat has an industry-leading 2-year warranty.

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Product information:

  • Brand Name ‎SkyBound
  • Material ‎Steel
  • Manufacturer ‎SkyBound
  • Part Number ‎M1-149614400GS-AMZ
  • Size ‎144″ Wide | 96 Rings | Fits 8.5″ Springs

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3. Pro Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat, Compatible with Round Frames

Compatible with Round Frames, Perfect Bounce, Water-Resistant, and UV-Resistant, To choose the proper trampoline mat, measure the frame (edge to edge), springs or v-rings, and unstretched spring (hook to hook). This replacement jumping mat has 72 v-rings and fits the 14ft circular frame and 5.5″ spring. Made in the USA or Imported.

Lasting & Bouncy Mat: Tired of low-quality trampoline mats breaking and looking for a sturdy one? Right place. The stitched mat lets kids jump higher, dangle, and jump again. Our soft and bouncing mat will relieve and calm your kids’ energy.

Safe & Long-Lasting: The jumping mat’s PP mesh material and 8 rows of stitching provide stability and sturdiness for safe landings without wear and tear. The fade-resistant trampoline mat is weatherproof. Rust-resistant thick galvanized v-rings. ASTM-certified mats to keep kids’ safety above all

Hassle-Free Assembly: Your youngsters won’t have to wait long since the trampoline mat comes with an easy-to-follow instruction booklet. Follow the step-by-step tutorial for your frame type to install the mat quickly. Let youngsters play and giggle

Brand Compatibility & Warranty: Our trampoline mat has a 1-year guarantee. It works with Sportspower trampoline models TR-168SFZ-BYWM, TR-1686NSF-NFWM, TR-1686ES-NFWM, TR-1686BK-NFWM, TR-168NSF-BKWM, TR-168BK-BYWM, TR-0031-168-AMAZON. TR-0118ZA-168, TR-0123BG-168, TR-0116BA-168, TR-0116ESA-168, TR-0132BSK-168, TR-168BSK-GYEN OR14WT-472C2, JK146PA, JK146PBH-DAL, JKMO1413-DAL; P14P-BE

61Vb3r8lOtL. AC SL399

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Product information:

  • Color Black
  • Brand Upper Bounce
  • Color ‎Black
  • Material Mesh
  • Frame Size 8 Feet
  • Number Of Springs 42
  • Pad Type Safety Pad
  • Shape Round
  • Frame Material Alloy Steel
  • Item Weight 2 Kilograms
  • Style ‎42 V-Rings for 5.5″ Springs
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation 330 Pounds
  • ASIN             B00OZXKR8S

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4. JumpTastic Trampoline Mat Replacement

Replacement Mat for a 12′, 14′, or 15′ JumpTastic Trampoline (with 72 or 96 V-Rings) Fits devices with a width between 5.5 and 6.5 inches Round trampolines of 12 feet in diameter may use this mat. The mat’s durability and longevity have been increased thanks to the addition of a high-quality orange edge band. Replacement Mat replacement is composed of UV-resistant PP materials for longer life, and it obtains ASTM accreditation. It comes with 72 pieces of premium V-ring and works with 5.5in springs (springs not included).

The mat must be installed at angles of 0 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees, and 270 degrees, and the other springs must be installed uniformly thereafter. Relax, the mat is the correct size if it measures 127in(10.58Ft) when you get it. To install the mat, you need a 12-foot frame and a 5.5-inch spring. then could judge the wrong install steps Lead to the case of “too small or wrong size”, please install the mat refers to the install step strictly.

Sources: Amazon

Product information:

  • Brand Name: ‎Jump Tastic Trampoline
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Frame Size 12 Feet
  • Shape Round
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation 330 Pounds
  • Number Of Springs 72
  • Manufacturer ‎Kugo sports
  • Color Only Fits 12 ft 72 5.5 inch Springs-127 inch Mat With 72 RingsRings
  • Style ‎Only Fit 12 ft Trampoline 72 5.5 inch Springs
  • Size ‎Only Fits 12 ft 72 5.5 inch Springs-127 inch Mat
  • ASIN              B08CSK192X

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5. SkyBound Trampoline Mat (Round, 14 Ft. Frame/Fits 72 x 5.5 Springs)

A trampoline jumping bed with 72 rings, the SkyBound Trampoline Mat (Round, 14 Ft. Frame/Fits 72 x 5.5 Springs) has a 150-inch diameter. This mat is designed for trampolines with 72 x 5.5-inch springs and a jumping surface that is 14 feet wide. This mat is designed to suit trampolines with 5.5-inch springs and a steel frame that is 14 feet in circumference (springs must be measured off the trampoline, unstretched, from hook end to hook end), The Walmart 14-foot trampoline is compatible with the 14-foot trampolines from bounce pro and sports power, among many others.

613FlRTfBmL. AC SL399

Sources: Amazon

Product information:

  • Brand Name ‎SkyBound
  • Color ‎Black
  • Manufacturer ‎SkyBound
  • Part Number ‎4334098252
  • Size ‎150” Wide | 72 Rings | Fits 5.5” springs
  • Round, 14 Ft. Frame/Fits 72 x 5.5, Springs
  • ASIN                 B00VJ4336Y

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6. SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat

For 14-foot trampolines, the SkyBound replacement mat comes with a spring tool and sturdy V-rings for added safety. Available in sizes to accommodate trampolines with 72, 88, and 96 springs and frames measuring a full 14 feet in diameter, the “Jumping Mat for 14ft Round Trampoline” is ideal for anyone looking to get some exercise while jumping on a trampoline. The mat has extra rows of stitching to make it last 50% longer; the spring size is 6.5 to 7 inches (springs not supplied). SkyBound’s Premium Trampoline Mats with Sunguard protection for even longer-lasting safety. Getting a new trampoline mat ordered is a hassle. If you need assistance, you may view the “How to Measure” videos provided by SkyBound or read on for more information on the item in question.

Durable: The UV sun-protecting coating and stronger rings on these trampoline mats will ensure that your children may jump safely all year round.

Warranty Policy: SkyBound offers the best warranty in the business, 1 year, so you may jump about on your new trampoline mat without worry.


Sources: Amazon

Product information:

  • Brand Name ‎SkyBound
  • Color ‎Black
  • Sport Type ‎Trampoline
  • Material ‎Polypropylene
  • Suggested Users ‎Toys & Games, Outdoors
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎18 x 14 x 6.5 inches
  • Size ‎147” Wide | 72 Rings | Fits 6.5 to 7” springs
  • Part Number ‎FBA_M1-1472147000S
  • Manufacturer ‎SkyBound

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Buying a Trampoline Mat: What to Consider

There are a number of things to think about while shopping for a new trampoline mat to replace your old one. The trampoline mat is the trickiest item to replace if the original manufacturer no longer produces them or if you purchased a used trampoline and don’t know what brand it is.


Getting the size of your trampoline mat just right is the most crucial step before making a purchase. Make sure the new trampoline mat is the same size as the old one by measuring the old one.

If your trampoline’s frame has sagged in the center, you may prevent the mat from having to be shortened by cutting it to size by taking your measurements from the space between the first and second springs. When shopping for a new trampoline mat, it’s helpful to know the nominal size of your trampoline (measure the width and length of your frame from the outside edge of the metal frame to the outside frame on the other side).

FAQs: best trampoline mat material According to an expert assessment

Q. What material is a trampoline mat made of?

This covering sometimes called a “jumping mat” is made of woven fibers. Thousands of polyethylene or nylon fibers are knit together to form a flat sheet of canvas. This canvas is then attached to the frame. The main purpose of a jumping mat is to give the jumper something to land on.

Q. How do I know if my trampoline mat is safe?

When shopping for a trampoline mat replacement you must ensure that the mat is made of Permatron Polypropylene. This is the safest material in the market for privately owned trampolines. It is UV resistant and sewn with a UV-resistant thread. The V rings to attach the springs should also be galvanized to prevent rust.

Q. Is trampoline material waterproof?

Trampoline mats are usually waterproof, but still can be damaged by natural elements. If it rains over the trampoline make sure to dry the mat before the sun comes out. The water can focus on the sun’s rays to cause more damage to the mat.

Q. What is the best surface for a trampoline?

If you are installing the trampoline on a hard surface such as tiles or concrete, adding some rubber mats underneath could provide a similar amount of shock absorption. Other types of surfaces such as commercial sand, rubber, or wood chips are also acceptable alternatives.

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Briefly Summing Up

After reading the evaluations, you can decide for yourself which Trampoline Mat is ideal for your requirements.

You should now have the tools to resist the temptation to make rash purchases as a consequence of the considerations presented here. Don’t rush into anything; instead, think carefully about how each possibility fits within the framework provided.

If you put the item’s worth ahead of how you feel about having it, you’ll probably make the right decision.

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