Best 5 Rectangle Trampoline For Sale Reviews 2020

🥇 Best Rectangle Trampoline For Sale (Big & Small) Reviews 2021

Best Rectangle Trampoline For Sale (Big & Small) Reviews
  • Best 5 Rectangle Trampoline gives you trampoline, they help your fitness activities become more diverse. They not only improve health, but also make your garden or home look more interesting. There are different forms of trampolines on the market and the most typical shape is rounded trampoline. Besides round trampoline, you can also discover oval, square and also rectangle trampoline. Every form of trampoline has its own attributes and today I wish to show your what makes a huge rectangular shape trampoline so interesting and for that.
  • Possessing a huge rectangle trampoline suggests that you have enough area for it in your backyard and it implies that you truly wish to gain leaping experience on it. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to get on this kind of trampoline, but you need to make sure that a rectangular shape trampoline with the internet is not made for little youngsters or toddlers.

Which Is Much better A Round Or Rectangular Shape Trampoline?

  • The rectangular shape trampoline offers much better bounce and it is made primarily for athletes that are training on trampolines. They additionally include a larger leaping surface, which means that they will certainly take more room in your backyard. So, if you are considering rectangular shape vs round trampoline, see to it that you have the area for the best rectangle trampoline due to the fact that it will certainly impress you with the leaping experience greater than any type of rounded trampoline. If you do not desire a huge rectangular shape trampoline yet you want a stronger trampoline than round versions, you can opt for the square trampolin since it is right between round as well as rectangular shape qualities.

How Much Is A Rectangular Shape Trampoline?

  • As a result of its dimension and jump power, rectanle trampolines are much more pricey than rounded models so if you do not have a healthy and balanced allocate it, I recommend you to wait for a clearance so you could buy a rectangle trampoline for a reduced cost. An excellent location to fish for some clearance are big web shops like or Wayfair.
  • I intend to show you one of the very best rectangular shape trampoline versions available for sale. Every single model on this checklist is made to last so you can anticipate a good efficiency as well as a top quality item. The only task you have in this testimonial is to select the one that suits you as well as your needs best.

Best Rectangle Trampolines For Sale: Top 10 Reviews of 2021

Out Top Picks

Rectangle Acrobatics Trampoline

1- Skywalker 15ft Rectangular Shape Trampoline with Unit


Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net - Blue
  • Your purchase includes One Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Rectangular 15' Trampoline with enclosure
  • Trampoline dimensions: 15’ x 9’ x 9’. Frame height from ground: 37.4”. Jumping surface: 92 sq. ft. Weight limit: 250 lbs.
  • This trampoline uses two different (80-7” & 4-5.5”) springs. These are 25mm.
  • The initial model I intend to show to you is made by Skywalker, which is among the most prominent trampoline brands on the marketplace currently. This Skywalker trampoline is in fact a 9 × 15 rectangle trampoline, which is a pretty big size for a trampoline.
  • The heavy-duty trampoline is made to last and also it will make your entire leaping experience excellent. The structure, the posts for the unit as well as the legs are constructed from rust-resistant galvanized steel so you can expect that the trampoline will last a very long time.
  • The springs are additionally constructed from rust-resistant steel as well as they are connected with the room with a special trademarked No-gap system. That system makes certain that your legs are safe from springtimes no matter just how high you start to jump. If you believe that this isn’t sufficient, you will be glad to hear that the springs are also covered with safety and security pad so you can’t touch them from the leaping mat in any type of feasible means.
  • The room is made from long lasting as well as tightly-woven polyethylene which is UV secured so you don’t have to bother with the sun harming the web. The exact same story is with the leaping floor covering. The floor covering is made of UV secured polypropylene and also it is particularly woven to stop sliding which is pretty important specifically if you are practicing a new move.
  • As you can see, all those materials audio rather excellent, and also the very best way to verify their top quality is with the service warranty. Well, you will be glad to hear that this Skywalker 15-foot rectangle trampoline with safeguard satisfies all ASTM safety standards as well as it features a 3-year warranty on the frame and 1-year guarantee on the components. So, ensure you read Skywalker rectangular shape trampoline assembly guidelines throughout assemblying so it can last you a long time.

best rectangle trampolines reviews

Largest Rectangular Shape Trampoline

2- Acon Trampoline with Unit

best rectangle trampolines reviews


Acon Air 4.3 Trampoline 14ft with Enclosure | Includes 14ft Round Trampoline and Safety Net | 96 Heavy Duty 8.5in Springs
  • 14 ft diameter high quality trampoline with enclosure | Great for adults and kids
  • Weight 282 lbs (with enclosure) | Height 36 inches (trampoline) | Optimized spring and mat dynamics
  • 96 heavy duty 8.5 inch springs | Mat UV treated cross-sewn polypropylene
  • The following trampoline I intend to show you is made by Acon, which is not so unknown brand, but it is not as preferred s Skywalker over. They have their consumers who are constantly returning due to their top quality and also great products.
  • This Acon trampoline with the web available is made to last a long period of time. It is a sturdy rectangular shape trampoline with 10 × 14 measurements is among the most significant on this listing. They have actually improved its design and currently it includes black steel structure, legs, posts and net with little blue information as well as it looks rather remarkable.
  • The structure is additionally pretty impressive, it is made fo galvanizes steel and it is covered with all kinds of defense versus all sorts of weather condition. That is why the structure comes with a 10-year warranty, the longest service warranty of all trampolines on this listing. The legs on this big rectangle trampoline as well as room are located under the jumping floor covering which implies that there are just 4 legs which go from one side of the trampoline to the various other. This special design enhances the stability and also it is in fact extremely uncommon.
  • Every springtime is particularly situated on the huge rectangular shape trampoline so you can be certain that the jumping floor covering supplies the most effective bounce every single time. You can be certain that the trampoline will certainly make you jump like never previously and you can be sure that you are secure inside because its net is made of durable materials as well as set up on steel posts all around the leaping mat.
  • The Acon might not be a well-known brand name however this exterior trampoline is as excellent as other best rectangular shape trampolines on the marketplace.

best rectangle trampolines reviews

Expert Rectangle Trampoline

3- Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline 10 × 17.



Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set with Premium Top-Ring Enclosure System – Outdoor Trampoline - Gymnastics Rectangular Trampoline for Kids - Adults - Supports Upto 500 lbs.
  • Bouncing Fun – Upper Bounce rectangle trampoline with safety pad is suitable for any backyard/outdoor setting. Its high-quality premium PP mesh trampoline jumping mat and its strong and firm structure can accommodate up to 500 lbs. of weight time
  • Safe to Use – This rectangular trampoline with spring cover padding is built with ASTM Standardized solid steel frame. Our child-safety certified trampoline for adults and kids consider safety as the most important usability parameter.
  • Easy to Assemble – It takes approximately half an hour and a couple of hands to assemble this outdoor trampoline. This trampoline with safety pad comes with an easy to understand assembly instructions manual to assist the user for comfortable assembly.
  • One more pretty outstanding trampoline is additionally quite big rectangular shape trampoline. This 17ft rectangular shape trampoline can be found in other dimensions, but this set is proven to be the best amongst the Upper Bounce consumers. Besides rectangular shape 17-foot trampoline, you can choose 14ft and also 15ft trampoline too.
  • This outstanding trampoline is made of a heavy-duty black-coated steel framework that will withstand all the weather condition regardless of just how bad it is. This black-coated steel is utilized to make the frame, the legs, and even the posts on the trampoline, which is quite outstanding. No wonder that the trampoline can hold up to 500 lbs.
  • You can even educate with a partner on this trampoline because there suffices room on the leaping mat as well as the 500 pounds weight ability is sufficient for the both of you.
  • The legs lie on each corner and also their building goes under the trampoline which gives them added security during jumping sessions. Despite if you are a newbie or a seasoned athlete, this trampoline will help you do every technique you require to enhance your skills.
  • The room on the Upper Bounce 15ft rectangular shape trampoline separates the leaping floor covering from the springtime system so you do not have to worry that you will certainly hurt your ankle joint on a spring-caused crash. The unique terylene mesh net is weatherproof and also has actually reinforced bordering for ultra-durability so you can strike it with full blast and also it will not take apart.
  • The same tale is with the leaping floor covering, it is constructed from PP product made with unique 8-row sewing. That stitching avoids the mat from tearing so you can educate as tough as you can. Individuals in the Upper Bounce understand that only effort pays off.

best rectangle trampolines reviews

Small Rectangle Trampoline.

4- JumpKing 7 × 10-Foot Rectangule Trampoline.


JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Rectangular Galvanized Trampoline with Padded Enclosure
  • Trampoline is a great option for smaller yards
  • 100% polypropylene jumping surface increases bounce
  • Patented enclosure features heavy-duty polyethylene netting
  • This attractive tiny rectangle trampoline for this checklist is made by unknown brand called the JumpKing. When I say small trampoline, I do not mean kid’s rectangular shape trampoline, it is smaller than various other models on this list, yet it is not a little trampoline. The 7x10ft measurements are ample to keep you and also your kids captivated and also in excellent form for a very long time.
  • When you look at the style of the 7 × 10-ft rectangular shape trampoline, you can see that there are not a surprises, it resembles other rectangular trampolines on this checklist. It includes W-shaped legs, posts, frame and also a leaping mat with a room. The structure and also the poles are constructed from steel so you can anticipate resilience from the trampoline.
  • The enclosure uses poles to remain around the jumping floor covering as well as each pole on the enclosure has foam defense around it so your kid can not strike his head/arm/leg (or any other body part) as well as get injured. The room acts as a boundary in between the leaping floor covering as well as the springs to avoid any type of typer of spring-related accidents.
  • Given that I am already talking about springs, it is good for you to listen to that those are galvanized springs which they are covered with thick security pad so your kid can stand on them without worries. The only means to see the springtimes is to lay under the trampoline, but that is not something I would recommend to you or any other person.
  • The whole assembly is quite OKAY, yet you will certainly need some devices if you want to make it without problems. One of the most beneficial tools is the springtime set up device which you will have to buy separately. Overall, it is a wonderful rectangular shape trampoline under $300 and keeping that in mind you can be certain that this is on a great inexpensive rectangle trampoline with enclosure.

best rectangle trampolines reviews

Cheap Rectangle Trampoline Offer For Sale.

5- Top 14-foot Rectangular Shape Trampoline With Net.


  • The last trampoline on this list is taken into consideration a tiny rectangular shape confined trampoline, yet it is not the tiniest there is. This trampoline may be little, yet it has a pretty impressive attribute that makes it a great option for children and also teenagers who intend to become gymnasts or if they intend to use a trampoline to improve their balance etc. You can expect premium materials and also good efficiency with this trampoline, although the Summit is not so well-known brand name as Upper Bounce or Skywalker.
  • The entire framework consisting of the room posts is constructed from rust-resistant galvanized steel, which is taken into consideration the essential materials in every trampoline on the market, specifically the ones that are utilized outdoors. That product is extremely resilient as well as it can last a long time, also throughout bad rainy days.
  • The posts are gotten in touch with the W-shaped legs which make the whole building extremely secure, which is a big deal. The unit system separates the jumping mat from the springs with the No-Gap layout, similar to the one on the Skywalker trampoline I have actually mentioned over.
  • Although you do not have straight contact with the springs during jumping, they are still covered with thick plastic layered spring pad. That spring pad shields your legs and also it additionally shields the galvanized springs from bad weather condition.
  • The 14ft rectangular shape trampoline is climate resistant but I still suggest you to make use of a safety cover on it which will certainly make it last even longer. That is why there are protective covers on the market.

best rectangle trampolines reviews

6- Upper Bounce 8′ X 14′ Gymnastics Style, Rectangular Trampoline


Upper Bounce 8' X 14' Gymnastics Style, Rectangular Trampoline Set with Premium Top-Ring Enclosure System - Blue/Black
  • 🖤Easy Set Up: Our easy assembly & disassembly feature makes it simple for you to take out and put away your trampoline with ease. No hardware is required to assemble or disassemble your trampoline.
  • 🖤Quality Mat: Our jumping mat is manufactured from high quality premium PP mesh material with 8 row stitching which provides security and prevents your trampoline mat from wear & tear.
  • 🖤Increased Bounce: This premium jumping mat is equipped rust free heavy duty galvanized springs for maximized bouncing strength and can support multiple people.
  • Increased Bounce: This premium jumping mat is equipped rust free heavy duty galvanized springs for maximized bouncing strength and can support multiple people.
  • Safe To Use: The heavy duty black coated Steel frame provides for a safe & sturdy bounce with support for up to 500lbs. Our high quality safety pad provides cover for the steel frame and hook springs to protect from impact.
  • Safe Outdoor Fun: Our rectangular Trampoline is equipped with a fiber flex safety enclosure and is ideal for your playroom or backyard. It is perfect for various family activities, gymnastics, outdoor backyard fun, competitive jumping and more.

best rectangle trampolines reviews

7- JumpKing 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular Trampoline


JumpKing 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure, Blue
  • Let your kids jump for the sky safely with this rectangular trampoline with safety net enclosure
  • 10 x 14-foot trampoline features 140 square feet of jumping space
  • Patented premium mesh netting and enclosure system keep your kids from jumping off the trampoline
  • Patented enclosure features unique G3 pole design for easy setup
  • Easy access L shaped zipper door includes safety clip lock
  • Contrasting colored safety pad highlights the entrance of the trampoline
  • Can be used for both family fun and fitness training

best rectangle trampolines reviews

8- Happy Trampoline – Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline



Happy Trampoline - Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline with Net Enclosure - High Performance & Safety Features Commercial Grade I Life-time Warranty, 550 lbs Jumping Capacity, 14 X 16 Ft
  • WEIGHT LIMIT & DIMENSION: Our 14 X 16 FT Rectangle outdoor trampoline with 550 Lbs weight capacity delivers you the most essential qualities. 124 springs of Super heavy duty, fully galvanized can withstand extreme weight and fully rust resistant gives you a safety guaranty and comparatively our Competitors have less springs. You get the longest springs, 9” long, 33% longer than competitors, But it's not just the length and it’s not just the trampoline spring count that give you the best bounce.
  • STRONGEST FRAME: We pride ourselves with the strongest frame in the trampoline industry –While most competitors use only 1.5 mm steel frames, our patented 4 leg heavy duty Stabilizer Frame boasts a 3.0 mm thick “commercial grade quality” steel tubing galvanized inside and out, and our patented Rail Supports for stability and durability make this Happy Trampoline Series the most stable and strongest unit in the market today. Trusted and endorsed by ski racer Olympic medalist, Bode Miller.
  • NET ENCLOSURE: Safety net enclosure surrounds the entire trampoline. Safety enclosures are designed to provide a safe and enjoyable jumping environment for inexperienced trampoline users. The Patented Stay-put enclosure net is made of tough, high grade polyester mesh. The steel frame interconnects to the trampoline frame, securely locking the trampoline frame and enclosure frame together. The shock-absorbing steel frame padded cushion flexes on impact.
  • NET ENCLOSURE: Safety net enclosure surrounds the entire trampoline. Safety enclosures are designed to provide a safe and enjoyable jumping environment for inexperienced trampoline users. The Patented Stay-put enclosure net is made of tough, high grade polyester mesh. The steel frame interconnects to the trampoline frame, securely locking the trampoline frame and enclosure frame together. The shock-absorbing steel frame padded cushion flexes on impact.
  • SAFETY: We understand Safety is your top priority when it comes to children. We attach equal importance to it, too. We have provided High quality trampoline to Ensure maximum safety while jumping. Designed for maximum fun and as an easy way to exercise, trampoline use can also improve overall coordination, balance and agility for your kids. We have manufactured our happy trampoline to be high quality and at a competitive cost, so any family can relax, drop everything and enjoy great family fun.
  • BEST VALUE FOR YOUR INVESTMENT: The Galactic Xtreme by Happy Trampoline comes with a Life-Time Warranty on our frames and springs with our guaranteed best prices at all times. To top that off, we offer Outstanding Customer Service (before and after the sale) along with On-time Delivery you can count on!

best rectangle trampolines reviews

9- JumpKing JKRC1014C3 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular Trampoline


JumpKing JKRC1014C3 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular Trampoline with Safety Net Siding
  • You won't have to worry about the fun falling flat this summer because this trampoline will hold up for playtime day after day
  • Have hours of fun bouncing around
  • Features mesh net walls surrounding the trampoline to keep jumpers safely inside the bouncing area
  • Features mesh net walls surrounding the trampoline to keep jumpers safely inside the bouncing area
  • Foam padding on each support pole provides extra security for when playtime gets rowdy
  • Perfect for narrow yards thanks to the rectangular design

best rectangle trampolines reviews

10- Exacme 7×10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline


Exacme 7x10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure for Kids Spring Cover High Weight Limit, Blue
  • [ PERFECT TRAMPOLINE FOR SMALL BACKYARD ] 7×10FT frame with 5.5×8.5FT jumping area, a must have small rectangular trampoline gift for beginners and young children
  • [ STEEL WIRE RAIL SUPPORT NET ] Top of trampoline net is supported by 8 steel wire rails, which is in high strength and corrosion resistance, will better withstand storm. This also reduces net sagging, increases its lifetime and enlarges the inner space. Making you enjoy stereo sense and wider FOV
  • [ 2021 UPGRADE: EASY INSTALL TOP RAIL FOR NET ] We have upgraded the top net rail from May 2021. Regarding the newest connector and steel wire, only one end designed with screw thread, the other end is smooth and without threads. Comparing with the old version that both end desiged with threads, the upgrade makes the steel rods easier to install
  • 275 LBS HIGH WEIGHT LIMIT: Galvanized steel frame with 56pcs 6.5″ spring, and the 4 corners of trampoline frame is of triangular structure design, making the rectangle trampoline max weight limit up to 275 LBS and more stable than other shape trampoline
  • BOUNCING SAFETY GUARD: Foam padded enclosure pole is angled at the top, this increases safety by keeping the net away from the poles; Net is assembled inside of the spring cover to protect your kids from falling on the springs and frames
  • WARRANTY: Our trampoline frame features a 3 year limited warranty, and 1 year for jumping mat, net, safety pad and springs

best rectangle trampolines reviews


  • One of the most difficult substitute part to find in the rectangular shape trampoline group is the rectangular shape trampoline floor covering because it has to be rectangular shape as well as in preferct size. Besides that, you can additionally look for rectangular shape covers, springtime covers as well as also unit web.
  • The security pads aren’t that hard to find due to the fact that they are mostly universal. If you wish to see what else you can find as global substitute, read my article regarding global substitute trampoline components.


  • Considering that rectangle trampolines are primarily made for teenagers as well as grownups, I would certainly advise you the Skywalker rectangle trampoline because it is made from top notch products and also when you see it is an excellent brand, you can also obtain a child’s trampoline from them.
  • Yet, they don’t produce various other kinds so if you are in need of an rebounder trampoline or a trampoline created toddlers, look into my article regarding best trampolines due to the fact that there is a model for every circumstance there.

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