Best 5 Rectangle Trampoline For Sale Reviews 2020

Best Rectangle Trampoline Reviews in 2024

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Best Rectangle Trampoline. You may diversify your exercise routine with the trampoline that Best Rectangular Trampoline provides. In addition to being good for you, they may liven up your yard or house. Although there are several shapes available, the most common is the circular trampoline.

There are a variety of trampolines available, including round, oval, square, and the best rectangle trampoline models. Each kind of trampoline has its advantages, and I’d like to share with you today the things that make a large rectangle trampoline stand out.

Having a large rectangular trampoline in your backyard shows that you’re serious about wanting to learn how to jump on it. No athletic prowess is required to jump on this best rectangular trampoline, but parents should be aware that a rectangular trampoline connected to the internet is not suitable for use by infants or young children.

Which Is Much Better: A Round Or Rectangular Shape Trampoline?

The rectangular-shaped trampoline offers a much better bounce and is primarily designed for athletes undergoing trampoline training. They boast a larger jumping surface, ensuring a more expansive and dynamic experience. When considering a rectangular shape versus a round trampoline, it’s crucial to ensure you have adequate space for the best rectangle trampoline, as it promises to elevate your jumping experience beyond that of any rounded trampoline.

Whether you opt for a large rectangular trampoline or a square trampoline that strikes a balance between round and rectangular qualities, the key is to prioritize the best rectangle trampoline to maximize your trampolining enjoyment.

How Much Is The Best Rectangle Trampoline?

As a result of their dimension and jump power, rectangle trampolines are much more pricey than rounded models, so if you do not have a healthy and balanced allocation of the best rectangle trampoline, I recommend you wait for clearance so you can buy a rectangle trampoline for a reduced cost. An excellent location to fish for some clearance are big web shops like or Wayfair.

I intend to show you one of the very best rectangular-shaped trampoline versions available for sale. Every single model on this checklist is made to last, so you can anticipate good efficiency as well as a top-quality item. The only task you have in this testimonial is to select the one that suits you as well as your needs.

Best Rectangle Trampolines For Sale: Top 10 Reviews of 2024

Out Top Picks

1-Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set

Best Rectangle Trampoline

Pumpkin Outdoor Trampoline with Sprinkler, Stakes, Light, Football, Target Cloth, and Storage Bag, Lyromix Rectangular 8FT x 14FT Trampoline for Kids and Adults, Rectangle Trampolines with Curved Pole Install once Galvanized frame and powder-coated legs prevent corrosion on this outdoor trampoline. Stop dismantling and carrying the trampoline home in the rain or snow. Our first focus is safety. Uniquely curved poles wrapped in waterproof plastic paper protect the foam rod and your youngsters, while the 360° enclosed net ensures 100% leaping safety.

Trampoline Outfits and AccessoriesWe include 4 ground anchors, 1 sprinkler, 1 LED light, 1 football, and a pump with our rectangular trampoline. The extra pack provides youngsters with endless laughs. The pumpkin trampoline’s frame contains four U-shaped legs for durability. Children and adults’ center of gravity is stabilized with trampolines. Super Bouncy TrampolineThis 8-foot x 14-foot kid’s trampoline passes the American UV standard 5000-hour test with 84 huge springs and a reinforced jumping surface for durability and bounce.


  • The large rectangular form accommodates many jumpers.
  • A weight capacity of 500 lbs fits both children and adults.
  • Exceptional V-shaped legs provide stability.
  • The whole bouncing area is enclosed by protective netting.
  • Includes spring pad coverings and safety pads.


  • Greater floor area is required than with a circular frame.

2-Top 14-foot Rectangular Shape Trampoline With Net

Best Rectangle Trampoline

Our last trampoline is a rectangular enclosed one, but not the smallest. This finest rectangular trampoline is tiny, but it has a unique feature that makes it a fantastic option for youngsters and teenagers who wish to become gymnasts or enhance their balance Summit trampolines are less popular than Upper Bounce or Skywalker but have high-quality materials and efficiency. Every trampoline, particularly outside ones, needs rust-resistant galvanized steel room pillars and structure.

This product is water-resistant. A secure structure is achieved when the posts meet the W-shaped legs. The unit system isolates the jumping surface from the springs using No-Gap design like the Skywalker trampoline. Spring contact is indirect while jumping, but a large plastic spring cushion protects them. Weatherproof your legs and galvanized springs with the spring pad. The 14-foot rectangular trampoline is waterproof, but a safety cover extends its life. This is why protective covers sell.


  • The rectangular form permits many jumpers.
  • The durability of the steel frame structure is exceptional.
  • The whole family’s weight capability is 500 pounds.
  • The whole bouncing area is enclosed by protective netting.


  • Because of its size and weight, expert assembly is required.

3-Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline

Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline 10x17 - Gymnastics Trampoline with Net Enclosure - Large Trampoline for Backyard Heavy Duty 750lbs Jumping Capacity - Commercial Grade Outdoor Trampoline
  • Dimension & Weight Limit: Galactic Xtreme's professional 10x17 rectangle outdoor trampoline with 9.5 ft frame height and a 750-pound weight capacity is perfect for gymnastics and family playtime
  • Galvanized Steel Frame and Springs: Our patented 4-leg frame with 3.0mm thick galvanized steel tubing ensures stability. 124 fully galvanized springs, each measuring 9 inches long and rust resistant

Best Rectangle Trampoline

For kids of all ages, the Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline provides intense bouncing. With a 279 x 195-inch jumping pad enclosed by a professional-grade steel frame, it offers plenty of room for exercise, play, and gymnastics. Industrial-grade enclosure netting surrounding the perimeter provides the greatest protection. Everyone may use a 750 lb weight capacity. With a 30-year warranty and resistance to corrosion, this commercial-grade trampoline offers the best possible bouncing experience.


  • Enormous area for several users
  • The maximum weight restriction of 750 pounds is available.
  • Expertly crafted steel frame for ultimate longevity
  • The jumping area is completely enclosed by netting
  • Rust-resistant frame withstands environmental conditions


  • Professional assembly and anchoring are necessary.
  • The hefty price tag of a huge trampoline

4-Giantex Trampoline

Giantex Trampoline, 8 FT x 14 FT ASTM Certified Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure, Ladder, Double-Side Galvanized Steel Frame, Max Load 440 Lbs, Outdoor Recreational Trampolines for Kids, Adults
  • [Enjoy the Installation]: Giantex recreational trampoline comes with all accessories, installation instructions and tools that you need. And the installation of the poles is enjoyable with lock pins, requiring no tools.
  • [ASTM Approved & Complete Safe Protections]: Giantex trampoline meets the ASTM standard, which adds more assurance in quality and relieves parents worries. Moreover, the curved poles leaves enough safe space between the net and poles to avoid kids getting hurt when fall. The soft safety pad is also included for sealing dangerous gaps.

Best Rectangle Trampoline

The Giantex rectangle trampoline, measuring 8 feet by 14 feet, offers a spacious jumping space for leisure. Its rust-resistant woven polypropylene mat is supported by an ASTM-certified double galvanized steel frame. Padded springs, safety padding surrounding the frame, and a zippered enclosing net all work to assure safety. Easy access is provided via the steel ladder. Its size of 8 feet by 14 feet provides enough room for many jumpers to use at once. For all sizes, a maximum weight of 440 pounds is suitable. Its weather-resistant construction is long-lasting despite its size.


  • Safely accommodates numerous jumpers in a large 8×14 size.
  • The rust-proof, sturdy structure that endures weather
  • Enclosure net and safety pads integrated
  • Includes a ladder for convenient access.
  • A weight restriction of 440 pounds fits a variety of body types.


  • Significant expert assembly is necessary.
  • Substantial dedication to backyard space

5-SKYWALKER TRAMPOLINES Epic Series 15 FT Rectangle Outdoor Trampoline

SKYWALKER TRAMPOLINES Epic Series 15 FT Rectangle Outdoor Trampoline for Kids and Adults with Enclosure Net, Padded Spring Cover, ASTM Approval, 1000 LBS Weight Capacity
  • SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY: Our outdoor trampoline for kids and adults is designed with a patented no-gap enclosure system, protecting children from pinch points and openings (Patent No. RE45, 182).
  • FRESH LOOK: The Epic Series backyard trampoline’s signature look is made up of its two-toned color spring pad and powder-coated steel legs with a smooth black finish, an ideal match for any backyard design.

Best Rectangle Trampoline

For recreational purposes, the Skywalker Epic 15-foot Rectangular Trampoline offers a large jump area. Fit for gymnastics or exercise, its rust-proof polypropylene mat is supported by a sturdy galvanized steel frame. Jumpers of all ages may play safely because of the ASTM-certified product’s safety improvements, which include protective padding, strong springs, and an extra-secure mesh netting closing. Stable balance is achieved with extended legs. With a huge jumping space of 15 feet by 15 feet, many people may leap at once or begin jogging. A massive 1600 lb weight capacity is accommodated for people. Despite being an investment, it is made to withstand harsh weather conditions.


  • Extra-large 15 by 15 feet area that can accommodate many people at once
  • Weight restriction of 1600 lbs is ideal for all body shapes.
  • Structured using an industrial-grade steel framework-
  • Safety measures included over the whole perimeter
  • Resistant to weather for extended outdoor pleasure


  • Requires expert anchoring and installation
  • Need a large amount of yard area.


leskep Trampoline Springs 6.5 inch, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Replacement Springs with T Hook and Gloves, Universal Trampoline Accessories, Set of 24…
  • 24PCS×6.5" STRONG EXTENSION SPRINGS - LESKEP trampoline spring using high precision 304 stainless steel, tightly coiled (3-6 times after compression,no longer shorter), which achieves strong tensile without deformation, safe and wear-resistant;Using zinc plating technology is for beautiful surface and to prevent rust and corrosion,effective extending the service life.
  • NO BREAKAGE AFTER 40-50K STRETCHES - The thicker the wire, the stronger the tensile resistance. LESKEP 6.5inch trampoline springs uses 3mm plated thickener wire than 80% springs, real strong and wear resistant. After professional tensile testing, Leskep trampoline spring has no breakage and deformation, which can protect your safety when bouncing.

71TCrGjQ9UL. AC SL289

One of the most difficult substitute parts to find in the rectangular-shaped trampoline group is the rectangular-shaped trampoline floor covering because it has to be rectangular in shape as well as in preferred size. Besides that, you can additionally look for rectangular-shaped covers, springtime covers, and unit webs.

The security pads aren’t that hard to find because they are mostly universal. If you wish to see what else you can find as a global substitute, read my article regarding global substitute trampoline components.



Considering that rectangle trampolines are primarily made for teenagers as well as grownups, I would certainly advise you to buy the Skywalker rectangle trampoline because it is made from top-notch products, and when you see that it is an excellent brand, you can also obtain a child’s trampoline from them.

Yet, they don’t produce various other kinds, so if you need a rebounder trampoline or a trampoline-created toddler, look into my article regarding the best trampolines because there is a model for every circumstance there.

Best rectangle trampoline FAQs

Q. What is the easiest trampoline to assemble?

Easy setup is the Flybar Easy-Build Trampoline’s goal. Standard trampolines take hours to put up. Without using any tools, the bolt-free Easy-Build Trampoline is easy to assemble by hand.

Q. What is the best shape for a trampoline?

rectangle trampoline, If you want to bounce to the highest level possible, you should look at a rectangle trampoline. They offer high bounce, which is perfect for performing various tricks. It’s also ideal if you have a member of your family who is into gymnastics and wants to practice at home.

Q. Is a rectangle or circle trampoline better?

Rectangle vs. Round Trampoline: Differences and Costs If you allow multiple jumpers at a time, the rectangle trampoline is safer because there is more distance between jumpers. Since round trampolines draw jumpers to the middle, there is more of a chance of collision with multiple jumpers.

Q. How are rectangular trampolines measured?

Trampoline Frame Size: Measure the outer edge of the frame (from the outside of the metal frame to the outside of the metal frame) across the two sides (short and long) when it is fully assembled. Measure the spring, including both hooks Unstretched from tip to tip (see image below).

Q. Can you move a trampoline without taking it apart?

Using a truck is another easy way to move a trampoline without taking it apart. Ensure that the truck you’re using has sufficient space to carry the entire trampoline. Some scenarios may require that you remove the enclosure and net poles beforehand. Use straps to lock the trampoline in place.

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