Best Trampolines In The Ground

Best Trampolines In The Ground In 2024

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Best Trampolines In The Ground

Trampoline is an exciting experience. We often go to a trampoline for entertainment, fit, and have a lot of fun. There are many types of trampolines that can be purchased on the market today. One of these is a trampoline on the ground, a special trampoline fixed to the ground. Only frames and dance mats can be seen on the surface.

You do not need to climb such a trampoline but instead just step on them. Most people are not even aware that these types of trampolines exist in the world, so their popularity is clearly less than traditional trampolines. They come in many different shapes and sizes for you to choose from the best trampolines.

If you’ve ever been to any of these trampolines, you’ll know just how addictive this fun game can be. The most interesting part is, you are exercising while playing on the trampoline. It is also a great way to minimize the time you spend using electronic devices for entertainment. If your interest brings you here, check out our top 5 the best trampolines in the ground. You may find the one you are looking for.

Most people think that there are many risks associated with buying a traditional trampoline as it requires the main space in your yard and prevents you from enjoying daily exercise. But trampolines on the ground with nets completely overcome this problem and they are safer than traditional trampolines because it reduces the chance of injury and brings a new look to your yard. Through this post, I will try my best to find the best product for your family.

All things considered, here is guide to you can buy at the moment:

Best Trampolines In The Ground In 2024

1. Jump Power 10ft. X 7.5ft. In-ground Rectangular Trampoline

The JumpPower 10ft. x 7.5ft. In-ground Rectangular Trampoline is imported from Asia, and constructed of polypropylene for a superior bounce that lasts for years without wearing out! This trampoline comes with space enough to accommodate eight children or one very determined adult jumper and includes safety netting to prevent falls over the edge of the frame during playtime. For kids looking to entertain themselves outdoors even on rainy days this summer, look no further than the versatile JumpPower 10ft. x 7.5 ft .rectangular trampoline!

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Key Features:

  • Our rating: 5.0
  • Price: on Amazon
  • Weight Limit: 220lb.

This trampoline is made of polypropylene. It is an imported rectangular trampoline. It has a very strong frame that exceeds all safety standards. This galvanized steel frame has dimensions of 16 Gauge x 1.75 “. It comes with a safety net cover for added safety. This trampoline can be used by fitness athletes, athletes, cheerleaders, and normal dance enthusiasts.10ft X 7.5ft.A Tun trampoline is perfect for all homeowners. The entire trampoline is durable and will last you very long.

This trampoline comes in two sizes. It uses extreme safety made of steel. They are also covered with safety pads for great safety. The bounce of the trampoline is above average. The springs will not rust and are also effective in creating a good bounce. There is a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 180-day warranty on all other parts. It takes about 90 minutes to assemble this trampoline. This trampoline also comes with a zipper to get in and out of the trampoline. The weight limit of this trampoline is 220 pounds. This is a trampoline with a T joint and no welding. It has a beautiful orange stripe, making this trampoline look great.

best trampolines in the ground

  • The good-looking design should be very aesthetically appealing.
  • Great price.
  • Good design and quality of carpets.
  • It will last very long because it is durable.
  • Good warranty on frames and other parts.
  • Good weight limit.
  • Pretty small size.
  • This trampoline takes time to set up.
  • This trampoline has no great bounce.


This JumpPower 10ft. x 7.5ft. In-ground Rectangular Trampoline is just what your family needs to stay active during the long winter months! Made of light and durable polypropylene, this trampoline provides a soft landing for safety, good bounce, and plenty of room to jump around with friends. At 7 ft., it's larger than most other brands and meets all industry standards!

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2. Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline 14 Feet Diameter Round

America’s best trampoline value! This unique in-ground design provides the perfect way to escape from cabin fever, with a sitting area for those who want to watch or chat while you’re jumping. With Avyna’s ground level jumping surface, there are fewer safety issues that aren’t present with other more easily tipped surfaces like an above -ground frame trampoline or a traditional jump mat. The springs on this 14-foot diameter round model provide bouncier rebounding action and can withstand up to 352 pounds of weight. Make all your friends jealous when they see what you have while staying at home all winter!

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Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline-14-foot Diameter Round-Titanium Grey …
  • Avyna's exclusive LIFETIME guarantee
  • Low profile design beautifies backyard garden appearance

Key Features:

  • Our rating: 4.5
  • Price: on Amazon
  • Weight Limit: 352 pounds.

If your child’s safety worries you the most, this Avyna Pro-Line ground trampoline can handle your safety concerns. In terms of design, this device has a low profile that adds to the beauty of your yard or garden area. There is a sitting area on the edges of this trampoline that allows the jumper to rest. So if your child is tired of dancing, he can sit on his soft surface to rest and warm-up for the next dance.

In terms of bounce, the manufacturer has fitted 96 springs for this trampoline, this will surely give the jumpers more exciting dance moments. All springs are galvanized; so you don’t worry if the device is left outside for months even in bad weather. The bounce ability of the trampoline is greatly influenced by the size of the spring. To reduce bouncing fatigue, the device has an 8.5-inch spring. The size is even larger than most of the square trampolines and rectangular trampolines you will find on the market.

Safety near the ground dance mat should eliminate most hazards. Even if a jumper accidentally falls off the trampoline, there will be no significant injuries. You need to make sure that the device is installed on grass; not on concrete; so as not to bring injury if any accident occurs.

With a weight limit of 352 pounds, it can withstand a much larger weight than other types, which is also one of the advantages of the best trampolines in the ground.

In regarding design and installation conditions: with minimal skills, anyone can set up a trampoline easily. You only need 3 cubic meters of land for installation, which won’t affect your yard or garden much.

best trampolines in the ground

  • Springs provide good bouncing performance
  • Very stable
  • Area for digging and installing small
  • There is a sitting area for people to dance
  • High Price


Trampolines are great for fitness, socialization, and health! Come out from hibernation with the Avyna Pro-Line Trampoline. This innovative safety trampoline provides a near ground level jumping surface which means fewer safety issues - plus you'll have plenty of room to do flips and more solo work as well. There's also space to sit in between your kids or friends with this 14-foot diameter round model that can support up to 352 pounds! It is fun and affordable so get right on one today before they're all gone!

3. In-Ground Trampolines Standard 15-Foot

If you are a one of the many families that have dreamed about owning their own in-ground trampoline, this Green Pad system is for you. It’s our pre-engineered 15’in-ground trampoline with our green pad matting kit and instructions to make installation seem easy. Our instructional videos will walk you through all aspects of set up from tearing down your old foundation surface to securing bleach cloth over the aluminum wrap around frame – it removes any chance of corrosion or rusting away. And then step by step we show you how use your PVC pipe as anchoring posts, braces and hold downs with five rows of ½” EMT conduit for maximum weight capacity! So stop dreaming…Get started on making those dreams come true.

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In-Ground Trampolines (Green, 15'
  • Pre-engineered 15' In-Ground Trampoline system with Green pad
  • Color: Green

Key Features:

  • Our rating: 4.3
  • Price: on Amazon
  • Weight Limit: 352 pounds

This is a famous brand in Ground Trampolines. This company only produces high-quality trampolines with higher durability and strength. The company’s focus is customer satisfaction. All products are user friendly.

This one has a diameter of 15 feet. This has an expected design that users can easily remove trampoline from the pit with less chance of injury. The surface of the dance mat is made of polypropylene which is a high quality and UV resistant surface.

The sheets are made of wavy steel with a polymer coating for long service life. The 15gauge steel tubes used in the frame are covered with polymer. The pad of this trampoline is covered with vinyl. Ethylene closed-cell foam is used in the buffer.

In this 8.5 trampoline, 120 powerful galvanized springs are used for efficient bounce. This trampoline is capable of bouncing 250 pounds.

best trampolines in the ground

  • Solid construction
  • High bouncing springs
  • Durable cushioning
  • The best high-quality trampoline on the ground
  • Better airflow
  • Easy to install
  • Expensive spare parts


Our standard model fits perfectly into an 8' x 16' backyard space. It is geared towards those who want to exercise while staying fit or host family gatherings with friends and neighbors.

Who said true fun only happens in the air? All the bounce you can handle is right at your feet with our In-Ground trampolines. Get up, get healthy and entertained while getting a great workout! Our elevated pads create a soft landing for all jumpers and are UV-protected so they won't crack or peel.

4. Berg Inground Oval 17ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

When you’re ready to exercise your body and release your mind, hop into our In-Ground Trampoline Standard. Perfect for kids, adults, or professional athletes alike – this durable trampoline is sure to deliver hours of fun entertainment. No windswept trees? No problem! The frame’s stability makes it perfect for high wind locations like the beach .

Made from heavy-duty steel and stainless steel (no rust!), this 15′ diameter trampoline will stand up against all that’s thrown at it—whether that be high winds, extreme weather conditions, or full contact gaming. But what really sets it apart are its safety features. Unlike some other in ground systems on the market today; ours has a safety enclosure that sits inside.

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In-Ground Trampolines (Green, 15'
  • Pre-engineered 15' In-Ground Trampoline system with Green pad
  • Color: Green

Key Features:

  • Our rating: 4.3
  • Price: on Amazon
  • Weight Limit: 352 pounds

Looking for a trampoline on the ground with an enclosure network? This Oval from Berg may be a perfect choice in that case. Made with quality accessories and parts, you can rely on this department for safe jumping moments for your kids.

About design, this unit is designed for long jump sessions. For safety, the entry is a self-closing door. Moreover, the safety nets have a thick padded layer attached to the outer edge and the mesh itself leads to an even bigger jump surface to provide unlimited fun for your child.

About structure, in order to meet the most durable accessories, manufacturers have used galvanized steel frames that resist rust and corrosion. So even if you leave the trampoline outdoors for months, it will easily withstand extreme weather without affecting the structure. You will have a 10years warranty for this frame. Its ultra-thick PVC cushion ensures extra comfort as well as safety for the jumpers. Anti-fading material; Therefore, the color will not disappear due to the sun’s rays.

For safety, to prevent injury during the jump, its safety net has tiny holes so that your child’s sensitive fingers don’t stick to it.

Designed with double V-shaped gold springs around the dance surface, it allows jumpers to try to dance longer. You will enjoy every bit of the dance session regardless of your weight.

best trampolines in the ground

  • Durable construction
  • Combine the power and performance of both round and rectangular trampolines
  • Mesh enclosure has small holes
  • Safety cushion
  • Best budget on the ground
  • Hard to build


In-Ground Trampolines standard is a great choice for those who are looking to add some excitement or activity to their yard. These trampolines come with bouncing pads, which can be placed outdoors and don't take up too much space since they're in the ground! This green pad comes with welded stainless steel construction so it's built to last and hold up against strong weather conditions if left outside. > Come find out what In-Ground Trampolines Standard has for you; we have all of the answers that you need.

5. In-Ground Trampolines Stainless Steel Upgrade

This is the ultimate In-Ground Trampoline Jumping system. Ready to install with all stainless steel components, our customized jump mat and pad are a perfect surface for any age group or user. Feeling more creative? This 15′ inch round design accommodates up to six people at one time!

Whether you’re dealing with rambunctious kids, out of shape adults, or unruly pets, an In-Ground Trampoline is the way to go. But steel upgrades are expensive! There’s no need for such a price increase – order this stainless steel upgrade and save today.

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In-Ground Trampolines Stainless Steel Upgrade (Blue, 15')
  • Pre-engineered 15' In-Ground Trampoline system with Blue pad and all Stainless Steel Springs and jump mat D-rings

Key Features:

  • Our rating: 2.5
  • Price: on Amazon
  • Shipping Weight: 500 pounds

If the above products do not meet your needs, then please see if the following product makes you happy or not.

About size, it has a large 15-foot trampoline on the ground for those who want a bigger one. You might find 14 feet a little smaller if several kids jump on the rug at the same time, or for crazy adult dances. Its jump surface gives you enough space you’ll need especially if you tend to approach the edge of the rug.

About construction, the manufacturer has created this beautifully designed trampoline with high-quality materials. It has a heavy frame of 14gauge steel pipe. To support its sturdy frame, this trampoline has 18gauge steel wall panels. In addition, all metal parts are galvanized to ensure it can easily resist corrosion and rust if the trampoline is exposed to inclement weather. All stainless steel screws continue to ensure the durability and reliability of the product.

About bounce, compared to other jump surface mats available on the market, with 20 times airflow, this type of airflow ensures maximum airflow that greatly enhances your bounce experience. It will be something you’ve experienced in any trampoline before.

About safety, the frame has redesigned gaskets attached to a unique bungee system. You can attach a separate safety net if you want.

best trampolines in the ground

  • Solid construction
  • Impressive bouncing performance
  • Weight limit of 450 pounds
  • The airflow is 20 times better on the jump surface
  • High quality material
  • Expensive option. Although this trampoline costs much more than the conventional type, if you consider the bounce, ruggedness, safety, and durability it offers, it is worth every penny.


Flip a Pool has the best In-Ground Trampolines stainless steel upgrade available. Our jump mat is made of premium quality materials, and our springs are durable and long lasting. We offer extended hour support for customers as well as prompt installation upon purchase!

6. Berg Champion In-ground Trampoline

The BERG Champion is cleverly designed for long, safe jumping. The combination of the TwinSpring Gold springs and the AirFlow jumping technique ensures less air resistance with larger jump area and more jumping fun.

Trampolines comprising of TwinSpring Gold Springs are mounted in a “V” shape to allow you higher jumps using AirFlow technique on our mat, which allows 50% more air permeation over standard mats. Good airflow will ensure less resistance while jumping – and that means you can make those high jumps!

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No products found.

Key Features:

  • Our rating: 5
  • Price: on Amazon
  • Shipping Weight: 311 pounds

The perfect jump area is that optimal part of the jump mat which results in the best jump experience. Jumping outside of this area results in a sense of feeling as if you are being pushed towards the inner part of the trampoline. Trampolines comprising of TwinSpring Gold Springs are mounted in the shape of a “V”. This allows for larger perfect jump area compared to trampolines that are sold with a conventional spring

Higher jumps mean more fun. We have developed the AirFlow technique to enable you to make higher jumps. This jumping mat allows 50% more air permeation compared with a standard jumping mat. Good airflow ensures less resistance while jumping, which is why you can make higher jumps

The BERG Safety Enclosere Net Deluxe is always nice and taut thanks to the reinforced upper edge, has an extremely safe self-closing entrance, has a thicker layer of foam around the Safety Net poles and by attaching the Net to the outer edge of the padding it creates a larger jumping surface


This is a popular model due to its elongated shape and durability. This rectangular shaped trampoline comes with gold springs for extra safety, AirFlow technology which ensures less air resistance while jumping and stylish blue pads that are easy to clean.

Bounce on this bouncy blue pad today!

with more than 30 years of experience BERG has worked long and hard to create this excellent product. The combination of TwinSpring Gold with AirFlow makes it easier for you to make higher jumps which is great news, given that everyone likes the idea of being able to do better!

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7. Berg Champion In-ground Oval Trampoline

A safe, long jumping experience for the whole family! BERG has more than 30 years experience in developing, producing and selling active outdoor playtime pleasure. The company’s TwinSpring Gold Springs offers a world-class safety assurance and comes with an extremely safe self-closing entrance. All of our trampolines are made with quality materials like an upholstery designed to withstand rain without turning moldy; something that sets us apart from other companies who use just mesh material on their springs. We also have awarded designs that offer additional protection like thick foam around the Safety Net poles and by attaching the Net to the outer edge of the padding it creates a larger jumping surface making this trampoline perfect for all ages young kids to adults.

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07GC2GKD1&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=iplaytx 20

BERG Champion InGround 14ft Trampoline with Safety Net, Trampoline for Kids, High Performance & Safety Features, Jump Higher with Airflow
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY: The BERG Champion InGround trampoline is the ideal trampoline for friends and family. With a variety of shapes and sizes available there’s a perfect trampoline for any space so you can have fun with the whole family!
  • SAFETY FIRST: BERG knows that safety is a priority, that’s why this oval trampoline is made with the highest quality materials. Long lasting TwinSpring Gold Springs, Airflow Jump Mat, and an included safety net enclosure will not only allow for years of fun, but overall safety while using the Champion trampoline

Key Features:

  • Our rating: 4.9
  • Price: on Amazon
  • Shipping Weight: 250 pounds

The perfect jump area is that optimal part of the jump mat which results in the best jump experience. Jumping outside of this area results in a sense of feeling as if you are being pushed towards the inner part of the trampoline. Trampolines comprising of TwinSpring Gold Springs are mounted in the shape of a “V”. This allows for larger perfect jump area compared to trampolines that are sold with a conventional spring

Higher jumps mean more fun. We have developed the AirFlow technique to enable you to make higher jumps. This jumping mat allows 50% more air permeation compared with a standard jumping mat. Good airflow ensures less resistance while jumping, which is why you can make higher jumps

The BERG Safety Enclosere Net Deluxe is always nice and taut thanks to the reinforced upper edge, has an extremely safe self-closing entrance, has a thicker layer of foam around the Safety Net poles and by attaching the Net to the outer edge of the padding it creates a larger jumping surface


Trampolines make for a perfect fun option with friends, kids or pets!

Safe for teenagers and adults alike! The BERG Champion is designed for all ages, without compromising safety. With QuadFlex enclosure, a 360-degree net, ultra-safe TwinSpring Gold Springs and clever features that ensure hours of active playtime fun – it’s one pool toy that will never leave the backyard. Whether you are looking to cheer up an after school friend or just need a break from your daily commute – this trampoline under the tree can provide hours of entertainment (or relaxation). So grab somebody special and enjoy the show!

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best trampolines in the ground

Guide to buying Trampolines in the ground: What to look for?

Although all trampoline is for bouncing and jumping, quite similar regardless of which one you choose, there are a number of other factors to consider when you decide to buy a unit on the ground. You will find below the main aspects of the high-quality trampoline that I reviewed earlier.


When it is about the size of a trampoline on the ground, it not only refers to your preferred size, the size of your yard or garden is also considered. After you install the device, you will not come back so easily. Installation requires a lot of hassle compared to another trampoline-like digging, assembling, installing, etc. Therefore, make sure your garden has enough space to accommodate your desired trampoline size. There should be enough space around the unit for people to move freely.

For the preferred size involved, for teenagers and children, you can stick to a standard size unit. But, if the adults in the house will also have a bit of fun and exercise on it, consider getting a bigger one. A larger yard or garden will easily accommodate a 15 ft trampoline with no problems.

Setting – Installation

Installing any trampoline requires your effort and time. Depending on the model and the manufacturer’s instructions, you will need to dig up to 3 to 4 ft. Retaining walls is also important. Therefore, if you do not want to pay hundreds of dollars to the technician and handle all the work yourself, make sure that what you are about to receive, the installation will be a bit easier. There is nothing easy to set up when it comes to trampoline on the ground. So when I say ‘easy to install, it turns out the installation is less complicated.


When we are dealing with an appliance that has an underground base, you must also be careful about the drainage. During the rain, if the water cannot drain normally, this is a risk to the parts of the trampoline. Although, the tarpaulin is very good quality. In addition, if there are heavy rains, the dance mat can be submerged because it is only a few centimeters above the ground. Make sure you have good drainage you can also ask for professional help if needed. It is worth paying the lump sum instead of investing in replacement parts of the trampoline each season.

Construction and Material

The frame of your in-ground should be made of higher gauge stainless steel, which assures you of the reliability of the structure as well as durability. Furthermore, the springs need to have galvanized coating so that it doesn’t get damaged due to water or snowfall. Rust and corrosion weaken the properties of the metal.

The jumping surface – it must have a ‘waterproof’ label that tells you can rely on it during rains. Because the trampoline will be in the yard for many years, the trampoline will have to go through extreme weather; Therefore, a waterproof surface will increase its overall service life.

In addition, UV rays fade the carpet too early. Being resistant to ultraviolet rays on the surface will ensure color, will be more durable and will not fade regardless of how strong the sun is.

Therefore, if you can ensure that a trampoline is weather-resistant, it will last for many years, beyond your expectations.


This is really necessary and also why you buy this product. User weight is also an indispensable factor when considering this issue.


Trampoline on the ground is much safer than other types because they are only a few centimeters off the ground. If the child falls on the ground from a few feet above, it can result in injury. Therefore, make sure that the trampoline comes with a safety enclosure to ensure no one is out of the area. Plus, having a cushioning system on the edge of the rug also prevents injuries as well.


The best trampoline on the ground has a higher price than others. This is one of the main reasons why people still prefer to use them. However, considering safety and performance, it is worth spending.

Larger ones will cost more, as usual; You can find smaller ones for a slightly lower price. If the adults in the house are not interested in dancing, then you should consider using the smaller ones. But, if you love gymnastics, it’s worth the penny for a standard-sized trampoline.


No matter what type you receive, make sure the manufacturer provides a smart warranty that covers parts and services for a short time. Most of them offer many years of warranty for replacement parts. Expensive products offer a longer warranty period, as they are made of better materials and high quality. Different trampoline brands offer different warranty times. So please check before you buy.


The best trampoline in the ground ensures the jumpers in terms of safety, bounce, ruggedness, reliability, as well as longevity of the product. A good quality trampoline will provide some fun and fun moments that will keep children away from the screen, a garden trampoline is definitely a great way to get kids to burn off their energy, get outside and get moving.

For adults, if sometimes you are not interested in exercise and gym, then this fun device can change the way you think about exercise. Who knows, you might be more interested in participating in other physical activities too. Trampolines are a great way to get aerobic, cardiovascular activity without the same stress on running joints.

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