15-ft trampolines with enclosure

15-ft Trampolines With Enclosure (Round, Square & Rectangular)

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15-ft Trampolines With Enclosure

The very best part about owning a trampoline is that you can readjust it to your requirements, the size of the backyard. As well as the skill set of you and your family.

There are big and also little trampolines on the market. Yet if you desire the whole household to take pleasure in an excellent leaping session. After that you have to go with the larger version. The very best version according to customers is the 15-ft trampolines with enclosure version due to the fact that it allows enough for grownups and also risk-free enough for children.

A top quality 15-foot trampoline has to have an unit, ladder, durable building and construction and also it needs to be safe. If you want buying a wonderful quality 15 feet trampoline. After that I suggest you to consider my evaluations due to the fact. That they are all based upon many prominent 15ft trampoline with enclosure versions. So you can be sure that they are all constructed from great materials which they will last a long period of time.

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Our Top Picks

Best 15-ft Trampolines With Enclosure

1-Acon Air 4.6 15-ft Trampoline With Enclosure

The trampoline is used for adults and children, ideal for year-round play. There’s no weight limit for a single user and it comes with a spring puller tool.
You deserve the ultimate in outdoor fun from this high quality trampoline which will keep you jumping all summer long! The galvanized frames are both inside and out, ensuring the safety of your family in every feature while shedding rust or corrosion so the product stays looking fresh throughout its life. No matter what weather, you can enjoy hours of fun thanks to our upgraded upper metal frame structure that is more rigid than ever before while still being able to bend into curves instead of sticking straight up like other brands that may be prone to damage when used outside without an enclosure covering.

Acon trampoline is an impressive trampoline that features a 15-foot trampoline floor covering. Particularly created room system and gray/green with the black shade mix. This trampoline has one of the most sturdy enclosures on the listing. And also when you check out the picture you will certainly see why.

The whole construction of this 15-foot trampoline with net constructed from galvanized steel pipelines. As well as every part of the trampoline is linked. As you can see, the room system has a full construction. It has a framework in addition to the unit which keeps the internet in place no matter what you are doing on the jumping floor covering.

The posts on the unit got in touch with the legs. As well as they go all the way down, to the flooring. This provides the trampoline also much better stability as well as you can be sure that no one (or absolutely nothing) will tip this 15ft confined trampoline.

The web function as a border in between the leaping floor covering as well as the springs. So you do not need to bother with mishaps that include someone’s foot as well as springs. The heavy-duty galvanized springtimes covered with safety and security pad you do not need to touch during jumping. You can utilize it as a base to go into the trampoline however that is the whole communication with it for you during jumping.

You do not need to fret about the 15ft trampoline substitute floor covering. Or any other replacement component due to the fact. That the Acon brand has it all and also if you can’t locate it on the market. You can quickly contact them and they will certainly do every little thing to aid you.

The Acon Air 4.6 Trampoline is really what you’ve been looking for! The frame pipes are galvanized throughout for superior corrosion resistance and the springs are made out of heavy duty galvanized 8.5″ springs with cross-sewn polypropylene matting on top—you’re sure to be set with this high quality, durable, 15ft diameter trampoline that can hold up to 110lbs (with enclosure)! Plus, the great thing about this product is that it’s not just for kids we recommend it for adults too!

This unit is perfect all year round and has no weight restrictions when 1 user is jumping at a time which means fun can happen any day of the week! Order today because once they sell.


  • Comes with a premium safety enclosure net for added protection.
  • Features a 15ft round trampoline, providing ample jumping space.
  • Includes 110 heavy-duty 8.5in springs for a high-quality bouncing experience.
  • Designed by ACON, known for their durable and reliable trampolines.


  • Assembly may be required.
  • The premium features may result in a higher price point compared to other options.

2-Skywalker Square Trampoline 17×15 With Enclosure

The Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Square Trampoline with Enclosure Net is perfect for any home. It provides hours of bouncing fun, while safely enclosed by the patented no-gap enclosure design for safety. This trampoline includes a ladder and a net that reaches to the top, preventing children from reaching dangerous pinch points and openings in the jump surface. The frame of this trampoline is covered by a lifetime warranty ensuring you have high quality equipment long into your love affair with this amazing product.




The next 15-foot trampoline I want to show you is the first Skywalker version, yet not the last. This Skywalker 15ft square trampoline and enclosure combo has 15 × 15 dimensions. That makes it excellent selection for large yards.

The construction of this Skywalker 15-foot trampoline with room is made of galvanized steel which indicates. You can leave it outisde throughout the whole year. It made for outdoors as well as its great products will certainly make it last a long time.

The square trampoline offers weak bounce than rectangular designs. But much better than round so it is a wonderful product for families that like a good bounce, yet not expensive. The jumping mat attached to the structure with 98 premium springtimes. But you will not need to manage them when you set up the trampoline.

This 15 by 15 square trampoline comes with a thick safety and security pad. You have to put over the springtimes and also the entire enclosure maintains you away from the springtimes during jumping thanks to the unique trademarked layout.

The durable legs are located listed below each corner whcih boosts the total security of the trampoline. That is why this Skywalker 15 foot trampoline weight restriction is 250lbs.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your children’s safety. Our 15-foot square trampoline with enclosure net is designed for both durability and a safe play area. It meets all ASTM standard requirements, while our patented no-gap enclosure design eliminates openings that can be hazardous for small children on the jumping surface. We also offer a 3 year limited warranty on the frame and a 1 year limited warranty for other materials guaranteeing you peace of mind that your purchase will last!


  • Offers a spacious 17ft oval trampoline, providing a unique jumping experience.
  • Includes an enclosure and wind stakes for added safety and stability.
  • Designed by Skywalker Trampolines, a reputable brand in the industry.


  • Assembly may be required.
  • The oval shape may require more space than round trampolines.

3-Upper Bounce Rectangle 15-ft Trampolines with Enclosure

The Upper Bounce Trampoline Set with Premium Top can provide you with hours of fun for kids and adults. The premium PP mesh takes the safety quotient up while the steel framing ensures that it stays safe for your family and children. Easy to assemble in about 30 minutes, this trampoline set is suitable in any backyard or outdoor setting and therefore an ideal buy when looking for something to entertain your kids on a rainy day indoors. Above all else, we value durability in our products which is why this product will not disappoint you considering how long it lasts thanks to its durable construction. We understand that some users may need more than just few hours of entertainment so also includes accessories like a foam handle bar as well as elastic cords.

Machrus Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline 8x14FT 9x15 FT 10x17 FT- Rectangular Recreational Trampoline- Large Trampoline with Enclosure Net- Big Gymnastics Trampoline for Kids & Adults
  • Extra Space for Diverse Entertainment: Rectangle Trampoline's Enclosure Net is enclosed with a top-flex fiberglass rod to keep it elevated and straight, allowing kids to bounce as high as possible. The rod passes through the pole caps to maintain integrity among the curved poles, enabling bigger flips and enormous outdoor fun for children. The extended outdoor trampoline provides ample space to practice gymnastics for kids and adults
  • Safe Outdoor Fun: We kept child safety on top priority in our rectangular trampoline. Soft foam encircles the poles to absorb the magnitude of collisions by accident. No-gap enclosure design prevents feet from stepping into the spring, and safety padding with hook and loop strips (on each corner) over springs provides additional sAn enclosureclosure net with zipper facilitates entrance and ensures safety during jumping. Let's make your family day joy-inducing with extraordinary
  • Exceptional Elasticity and Durability: The four supportive trampoline legs are sturdy enough to make your jumping experience enjoyable and memorable. The legs help keep the frame steady while you bounce back and forth. A flexible jumping mat with high-tension springs allows you to rebound as high as you can over the entire surface without any dead spots. We know that your family fun is going to be bigger
  • Fully Standardized and Easy to Setup: The heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame meets all ASTM requirements. The frame is rust-resistant and is capable of enduring all weather conditions. The user-friendly instruction manual comes with a rectangle trampoline to provide ease during parts installation. Please follow the guidelines carefully. To reduce your assembly time, download our Bilt app and follow 3D step-by-step instructions for speedy assembly
  • After-Sales Support: Please reach out to our well-mannered customer support if any issues arise. Upper Bounce offers a 6 month limited warranty for Mats, Frame Parts, Hardware, Springs; 30 Day limited warranty for Pads, Nets, Foam Sleeves , and immediate replacement at zero cost, if anything is found defective


The most effective component about rectangular shape trampolines is that they feature a larger bounce. This indicates that it doesn’t have to be a big trampoline to offer you a good jumping experience. But, the problem is that it is not as very easy to put in the backyard as the round trampolines, as a result of its shape.

The worldly top quality is as outstanding as it should be from an Upper Bounce product. The entire construction is constructed from rust-resistant galvanized steel.

That means that the legs below each edge of the trampoline are durable and also stable. So you and also your family members can get on it as much as you like.

The same tale is with the poles that hold the room. They are made or galvanized steel. And also they are connected to the building and construction. So you can be certain that they won’t relocate if you hit the net on accident.

You additionally do not need to bother with jumping on the spring system. Because this trampoline likewise comes with that specifically unit system that separates the jumping floor covering from the springtimes. You also don’t have to worry about touching the springtimes when you are going into the trampoline. Due to the fact that they are covered with thick vinyl-coated safety and security pad which suggests. That you can’t touch them and also you can’t see them.

Much like the version above, this 15ft rectangular shape trampoline with room meets or exceeds demands from the ASTM so you can be certain it is not some inexpensive or low-grade trampoline. This version has an outstanding weight ability of 500lbs, all thanks to its rectangle-shaped form.

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set with Premium Top is a great way to entertain yourself and your friends. The safety pad will ensure that you never slip out of the frame while bouncing, so whether it’s for fitness or just for fun, Upper Bounce rectangles jumps in at 500 pounds total load capacity.Assembling this trampoline with safety pad might take some time but it is well worth the smile that will split your face when you land a big jump and feel how sturdy it is.


  • Features a rectangular trampoline design, suitable for gymnastics and advanced jumping techniques.
  • Comes with a premium top-ring enclosure system for safety.
  • Supports a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs, making it suitable for both kids and adults.
  • Provides a durable and sturdy construction for long-lasting use.


  • Assembly may be required.
  • The rectangular shape may require more space than round or oval trampolines.

4-Skywalker Oval Trampoline 17×15 With Enclosure

You deserve to enjoy your space with a Skywalker Trampoline. This 17 x 15 oval trampoline has an extended safety net that encloses the frame for peace of mind and ensures all jumping can be done inside it. A sturdy, heavy-duty galvanized steel frame keeps this piece in shape; its T sockets help keep the upper enclosure frames aligned as well. It also includes 96 gold-colored springs which are rust resistant and durable, and a jumping mat made from polypropylene for extra strength and durability as well as UV protection.

Feel reassured about health risks thanks to this trampoline’s 200 lb weight limit capacity—which is leaps higher than other models on the market! Any size jumper will fit without issue thanks.

Skywalker Trampolines 17 x 15 Oval Trampoline and Enclosure Combo
  • 200 lb weight capacity, Frame constructed of heavy gauge galvanized rust resistant steel
  • Rreinforced T-sockets stabilize the upper enclosure frame to the trampoline frame and prevents structural twisting 6W-shaped legs to provide added stability Total of 96 gold colored steel springs resist rust and are heavy gauge steel and rust resistant to help retain bounce Jumping mat is made from heavy-duty, UV-protected polypropylene for strenth and durability and UV protection

The following 15-foot trampoline I wish to reveal you is a Skywalker oblong trampoline. This trampoline has 17 × 15 measurements that makes it bigger than round. And also rectangular trampolines on this checklist I have actually assessed over. Yet it is simpler to put in a backyard than a rectangle-shaped trampoline as a result of the shape.

There aren’t many surprises with this Skywalker trampoline. It is really similar to other designs I have actually mentioned in evaluations above, however that can just be a good idea due to the fact that Skywalker trampolines are made with premium materials.

The whole building and construction is made from heavy scale galvanized steel which is covered with protection against rust. The legs and the framework are enhanced with T-sockets which makes the entire trampoline really steady.

The poles on the enclosure are made with the same galvanized steel products as well as they are covered with a safety layer. The room system has the exact same No-gap design which suggests that it 100% divides the jumping floor covering from the springtimes that make it great when it pertains to the security of the jumper.

Besides that, the rust-resistant springs are covered with thick safety and security pad that comes with UV security so it can last a long period of time. You can discover the very same UV protection on the jumping mat as well as on the enclosure that makes it sturdy to a lot of climate condition.

A single large trampoline that lets you bounce, jump, and dive into a day of high-jinks. Trampolines are one of the best ways to get fun exercise while letting off some steam! The Skywalker 17 x 15 Oval Trampoline offers a larger bouncing space than many other mats on the market so it’s perfect for teenagers looking for something new or teens that already have their own frisky friends. It features all steel springs which can support up to 200 lbs and will retain their bouncing power even during rainy season. And when it comes time to pack up, this mat is easy to use – just fold down each side independently and tuck the frame in using handy safety straps on each corner. Get ready for summer.


  • Offers a large 17 x 15ft oval trampoline, providing ample jumping space.
  • Includes an enclosure for added safety during use.
  • Designed by Skywalker Trampolines, a reputable brand in the industry.


  • Assembly may be required.
  • The oval shape may require more space than round trampolines.

5-JumpKing 15ft Trampoline With Enclosure

Fasten your seat belt and get ready to bounce. The revolutionary JumpKing trampoline is the most advanced, comfortable way to build muscle and regulate bodily functions. Whether you need a few moments of peace-of-mind or are looking for a new family activity, this 15ft trampoline with enclosure drastically reduces chronic stress while providing all the physical benefits of traditional training methods. Let’s be honest: jumping on one leg has never done anyone any favors! This patented over-under spring arrangement means that our 7 black foam padded curved poles will absorb much of your impact when you bound off into the air like a shot put champion. With safety netting around three sides, there’s no risk in playing rough.

JumpKing 15 ft. Trampoline 7 Legs/ 7 Poles with Safety Enclosure System & Bonus Basketball Hoop, 300 lb. Weight Limit, ASTM, CPSIA Compliant, Black/Orange, (JK157P3UBHC2)
  • 98 galvanized steel springs, 6" long are located around the outside of the enclosure net keeps children safe from hazardous pinch points and openings
  • Rust resistant galvanized steel frame with 7 legs and 7 poles
  • Maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs. or less
  • Meets or exceeds latest ASTM safety Standard

15 ft trampolines with enclosure round square rectangular

The last 15-foot trampoline I want to show you is a budget-friendly design made by JumpKing. This certain model likewise can be found in smaller sized sizes so it is an easy to use device too. You can find it in 10ft and 14ft dimension and you can select in between environment-friendly as well as blue shades.

This trampoline likewise includes a room that divides the leaping floor covering from the springs so you can be certain that injuries are completely preveneted. The internet is supported by poles that are attached to the legs so the whole building is pretty secure.

This is an outdor trampoline so you can be sure you can leave it outside throughout the year, however I would certainly advise you to utilize a safety cover on the leaping floor covering throughout the winter season. This is a wonderful pointer for every trampoline you have since this little action can make your trampoline last longer.

The interesting part regarding this trampoline is that it does not have a zipper on the opening, however it has a couple of safety buckles all throughout the opening. It is as safe as the zipper, however it leaves a part of the entry opened up.

This is a good-quality trampoline with an ALRIGHT cost so you can consider it a design with excellent cost to quality proportion. Certainly, the price changes with the size you choose so you might invest even much less money if you obtain a smaller sized dimension.

Bring a level of excitement to your yard with JumpKing’s 15-foot trampoline. Providing 98 galvanized steel springs that hold up to 400 pounds, the frame is durable and designed for high use. When you spring onto this trampoline, you will get an unparalleled bounce experience. We have included a safety enclosure netting which has dual zippered doors and clip closure system for added safety on enclosures as well as stainless steel T-connectors at each leg joint and enclosure junction for increased stability. The basketball hoop adds fun and competition while playing indoors or out!


  • Features a 15ft trampoline with a safety enclosure system for added protection.
  • Includes a bonus basketball hoop for additional fun and entertainment.
  • Compliant with ASTM and CPSIA safety standards.
  • Offers a weight limit of 300 lbs, suitable for various users.


  • Assembly may be required.
  • The basketball hoop may not be as durable as a standalone basketball hoop.


IDEAL 15-FOOT TRAMPOLINE Available For Sale.

We hope that this article has helped you find the right trampoline for your home. There is a wide selection of 15 ft trampolines with enclosure as well as other products to help make your backyard space more exciting and entertaining. The above products are among the best that you should buy, so be sure to check them out today!

If you aren’t certain which shape of a 15ft trampoline suits your lawn best, I would advise you to choose the Skywalker square model considering that it is between round as well as rectangle trampolines by bounce power.

However, if you recognize that you want a rectangle trampoline, the most definitely choose the Upper Bounce 15ft trampoline since it is a wonderful trampoline.

If you desire a round trampoline, choose the Acon Air trampoline because it has outstanding quality.

But, if you aren’t looking for an outdoor trampoline, but a youngster’s trampolines you can place inside after that read my post regarding child’s trampolines.

Also, you can read about all trampoline key ins my article regarding best trampolines right here.

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